Image of Radical SR3 RS

Radical SR3 RS specs

Car type Open-wheeler
Curb weight 570 kg (1257 lbs)
Dimensions 4.10 m (161 in) long, 1.79 m (70 in) wide, 1.04 m (41 in) high
Origin country United Kingdom
Views 19.7k


0 - 60 mph3.1 s
Top speed250 kph (155 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type I4
Displacement 1.3 l (82 ci / 1340 cc)
Power 213 ps (210 bhp / 157 kw)
Torque 180 Nm (133 lb-ft)
Power / liter 159 ps (157 hp)
Power / weight 374 ps (368 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 316 Nm (233 lb-ft) / t
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive
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saxy  9y ago

yup, the lap time should be deleted

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TS040  9y ago

After a brief googling, I found a 2003 SR3 RS, so the time could be on the older configuration of Spa.

And yes, the slicks are not road legal, they have non-slick tires for normal use. However I doubt anyone will use them on track.

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remengo  9y ago

I understand you like these cars, but you mean that a road legal car can drive slicks on normal roads?
Spa has been modifyed last time 7 years ago, therefore I believe that this times can be considered done on the same track...considering that the video clock syncro could be quite different...I still do not believe that as road legal car (without slicks???) this could have been achieved

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TS040  9y ago

Let's not forget, the Spa circuit has seen some lay-out changes (namely around Bus Stop chicane and La Source hairpin), as well as a re-surface in recent years. We have no idea what condition those lap times were set and thus hard to confirm/disconfirm them.

SR8LM is very close to an LMP2 in term of raw speed, here is one did 2:17, if you time it at the start/finish line before the hairpin.

The 2:25 does seems unreal, there is a guy did 2:29 in championship.
With a different layout, different weather condition, and different driver... who knows?

By the way, SR3 RS DOES come with slicks, check radical's gallery.

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saxy  10y ago

yeah those 2 claimed times are ridiculous. 2:15 is around the same time a LMP2 car, and 2:25 is about the same as a GT2 car. On such a long straight track, a 210hp car will be way too slow in the straights. however, the claimed times are probably for slicks. I still don't buy the 2:25, but the 2:15 would be possible

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remengo  10y ago

How is possible that this ROAD LEGAL CAR claims 2:25 at spa when the radical cup cars, with slick tyres (dunlop) are doing not less than 2:40?? check by yourself..... shame that this site allow such bullshit...

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NIN  10y ago


Caparo T1 has a higher hp/L ratio.

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Z  10y ago

Has this car the best power per liter for naturally aspirated car engines? Radical uses motorcycle-engines with over 13000 rpm.