Image of Smart Fortwo Brabus

Smart Fortwo Brabus (Mk III) specs

Car type Compact
Introduced 2014
Origin country Germany
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Submitted by FastestLaps


Engine type Inline 3 turbo
Displacement 0.9 l (55 ci / 898 cc)
Power 108 ps (107 bhp / 80 kw)
Torque 169 Nm (125 lb-ft)
Power / liter 121 ps (119 hp)
Transmission 5 speed automatic
Layout front engine, front wheel drive


Track Time
Top Gear Track 1:49.10
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Andy  2m ago

its rear wheel drive , 6 speed and those top gear figures have got to be wrong


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Andy  2m ago

Those are w453 ForFour Brabus figures 0-62 10.5secs. The coupe /Cabrio C453 ForTwo Brabus does 0-60 9.5sec

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Inline 6 rules  9m ago

Transmission is a 6 speed double clutch automatic.
0-100: 10.3 s
0-130: 17.8 s
0-160: 32.6 s
Top speed: 180 km/h

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Kain  2y ago

PLEASE bring this but the brabus forfour to north America! ive owned 2 normal fortwos and im looking for another small car...but it wont be another smart unless they at LEAST bring over the forfour


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fakekillerfour 10h 

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fakekillerfour 15h 

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