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Car type 4-door saloon
Introduced 1973
Origin country France
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Submitted by Georg
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Shaggy  9y ago

What the heck?!, good thing I didn't just get up, what is this ugly mess?!

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Ferrari driver  9y ago

Heard of it...
But i thought it is FWD.
Are you sure it is RWD?

Nevertheless it looks great!

I do not know why but it reminds me of the Lamborghini Espada.

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Mental  9y ago

Have never heard of this.

WTF? Tara King? (hm, something reminds me but I can't remember) .... Tony Russell NANCY??? LOL!

Anything is said about this car at any site I use...

I tried to use Google... just I began searching about the car, it showed me AnyThing but not the car... agencies, hotels, any commercial, another civilian deals... "the car is selling by Tony-Russell Smith" LOL...

The only source mentioned about exactly this car was R&T, I've found.

I like how the car looks from the front, but the rest I wouldn't call beautiful.

Just my guess, this car likely produces 130-180 PS, weighs 1200-1400 kg, and performs likely 190-210 kph, and perhaps 8 sec range to the 100. Though I can't claim.

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BR2'  9y ago

lol Might as well not exist..

Never thought an actual produced car would come with those style doors, bout time actually.

And The Tony Russell Nancy? lol....

Not the prettiest, but it looks kinda comfy, and nice to drive.

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Georg  9y ago

hi guys at road & track online is a interesting article about lost rare exotics ... this time about the Tara King which was later renamed in Tony Russell Nancy. All I have find so far is that this Rotary powered 5 door was powered by a engine from a NSU Ro80 ... no perfromance figurs number of rotors found so far... would be nice if someone has more info to add it here... interesting car thought very futuristic for 1973 to build a 5seater sportcar...rotary powered..


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Lewis  2m ago

The NSU Ro80 engine makes 116PS/114 bhp/85.3kW

Photo of Tara King

Photo of Tara King

Photo of Tara King

Photo of Tara King

Photo of Tara King