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Tesla Model 3 Long Range specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Introduced 2018
Origin country United States
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FastestLaps  5m ago

So confused.. Autopista states this:

Front engine 188 kW (256
hp) and rear 147 kW (200 hp),
all wheel drive maximum power
overall: 258 kW (351 hp). batteries
75 kWh lithium-ion
usable capacity. Load power:
up to 11 kW in AC and 150 kW in
DC. Official weight: 1,931 kg. Wheel:
235/45 R18. Top speed: 233
km/h Acceleration 0-100km/h: 4.4

So is it 350 or 440 PS or are there two versions of dual motor long range Model 3 with different power outputs?

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hostboy  6m ago

The only person I know that drives a Tesla is a sl***y OF girl. It just goes to show how badly stanned Teslas are. Along with JLR and Maserati.

It's one of the biggest turn-offs if she drives a Tesla. Worse than if she believes Amber Heard over Johnny Depp. WAY worse. Because at the very least the latter is her "opinion" and a really negative one at that, but the former one shows how much she "cares" about the environment; either she is a Greta Thunberg type or a Cardi B type (which is, a gold digger).


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AaronVector  6m ago

That chosing Amber Heard's story over Johnny Depp's story is 2017 stuff. Now, everyone wants to say they're on Johnny's side to pat themselfes on the shoulders and say in the mirror that they're a good person.

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hostboy  6m ago @AaronVector

It's all about the money. Republicans were sooooo against Tesla back then, now those very same hypocritical people want to buy a Tesla when Musk's stance on climate change and universal healthcare are to the left even of Biden's policies... like, I'm confused

Like, Elon Musk is pro-free speech and that's it. He's a libertarian anarcho-capitalist at best... If he was literally on Trump's platform, both HIS crew and TRUMP's crew would make fun of him 110%

Edit: On a serious note, he reminds me of Brucelyn Jenner...

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AaronVector  6m ago @hostboy

Well, I don't really see any Republicans openly welcoming Tesla but everything else is on point

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CrispyWaters  6m ago

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Tatted Tesla   4m ago

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