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Toyota GR Super Sport specs

Car type Coupe
Introduced 2021
Origin country Japan
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Submitted by aaayy

Powertrain specs

Engine type DOHC Twin Turbo V6 hybrid
Displacement 2.4 l (146 ci)
Power 1000 ps (986 bhp / 735 kw)
Power / liter 417 ps (411 hp)
Transmission 6 speed sequential manual
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive
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dr. cosimo  9m ago

a boring company that wants to compete in le mans and ends up building this pos with end of year sales figures close to 2.2m lol


what's the point of competing in le mans, if you can't build a proper sports car from scratch, instead you borrow a subaru or bmw and rebadge it and make a stupid statement that we're back in business with the long awaited sports car all thanks to akio d-ckbag lol




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aaayy  9m ago

For one thing, this ain’t for Le Mans. It’s road legal. And I doubt they’ll be entering this in the Hypercar category. This is mainly just a road car using a lot of shared parts from the TS050, which, unless you don’t know, won Le Mans two times in a row, and will definitely win again this year, probably because it’s a very fast car.

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dr. cosimo  9m ago @aaayy

so it took them a decade to get rid of all 500 lfaileds at 440k, do you think they will be able to sell this outside of japan for over 1mil ? lol

the japs might buy them as an investment, but overseas, it will be a huge struggle and having a long history with cheap commercial point a - to - point b cars, such as the corolla, yaris and the rest of the fwd shitboxes around doesn't really help and justify whatever price they'll ask for, this will be another flustercluck job lol

the best part will be, when they will announce the bs news of all time, they've all been spoken for, just like back in 2009 with the lfailed lol

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Aaaaaaa  6d ago @aaayy

The thing is, they are

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benedekpuskas  9m ago

417ps power/liter. Nice.


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aaayy  9m ago

Welp it’s a hybrid, so probably more like 300 per liter, but that’s still insane.

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aaayy  9m ago

Not much has been released, so transmission specs are from the racecar.