Image of Toyota MR2 1.8 Roadster SMT

Toyota MR2 1.8 Roadster SMT specs

Car type Convertible
Curb weight 1065 kg (2348 lbs)
Power / weight 131 ps (130 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 160 Nm (118 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2000
Origin country Japan
Views 19.8k
Submitted by Georg


Top speed 210 kph (130 mph)
0 - 100 kph 9.3 s
0 - 60 mph 8.2 s
0 - 100 mph 23.0 s
Est. 1/8 mile 11.8 s @ 72.1 mph
1/4 mile 16.0 s

More acceleration times

Toyota MR2 1.8 Roadster SMT acceleration graph


Engine type inline 4 16V DOHC n/a
Displacement 1.8 l (110 ci)
Power 140 ps (138 bhp / 103 kw)
Torque 170 Nm (125 lb-ft)
Power / liter 78 ps (77 hp)
Transmission 5/sequentiell
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive


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keith  6y ago

Enoyable car to drive. Handles very well, very responsive and quick for what the motor is and very economical. Some people may not like the looks but knowing that it is a mid engine design on this vehicle, people begin to respect it more. Best car I have owned so far. people may say it is under powered compared to the prior MR2 but sacrificing speed for reliability I believe was a good choice. After all what good is a supercharged or turbo motor if you have problems every now and then. Beside the motor does have some potential as far as performance and significant handling. Additionally Id like to bring up that the complaint of little space that everyone talks about is not as bad as it looks. I packed 2 and a half weeks of clothing, gear, food, ect for be out in the field for army training and fit every bit of it. I compartmentalized things but it still fit. Then again its a sports car so space should not be something to be complaining about.

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Viking  7y ago

I thought the date of introduction for the SMT version was for the 2002 model year (or at least it was in some markets). If someone knows more, please let me know. Thanks.

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Viking  7y ago

I am surprised that this is the first comment on this car. Congrats on Georg for adding it. However the car pictured is the 2003-2005 face lifted version with fog lights, redesigned engine, and bigger rear wheel/tire combination. I prefer the 5 speed manual over the SMT transmission, but I do like the styling and engine improvements of the later models like the one pictured. It is hard to find an affordable mid-engined roadster, but although these are fairly rare they are affordable and reliable.