Image of Westfield XTR2

Westfield XTR2 specs

Car type Open-wheeler
Curb weight 410 kg (904 lbs)
Introduced 2005
Origin country United Kingdom
Views 26.3k
Submitted by Georg

Lap times


0 - 100 kph3.3 s
Top speed240 kph (149 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type GSX-1300R Suzuki Hayabusa
Displacement 1.3 l (79 ci)
Power 180 ps (178 bhp / 132 kw)
Torque 138 Nm (102 lb-ft)
Power / liter 138 ps (137 hp)
Power / weight 439 ps (433 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 337 Nm (248 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 6 speed Sequential
Layout rear engine, rear wheel drive
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Shaggy  8y ago

@Fangio Man: I'd say so, 178 horsepower from only 1.3 liters. 8O

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Fangio Man  8y ago

A badass one. :D

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Shaggy  8y ago

It has a motorcycle engine.

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issabendeck1  8y ago


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Yoru  10y ago

year of release 2002 !!!!!
(look Top Gear a season 1 release 3)

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NIN  12y ago

A few things...

This is road legal
"To that end, Westfield has incorporated all the necessary safety and signaling features required for a road-going vehicle in the U.K. The Westfield XTR2 is SVA compliant."
(Georg's link is dead but here's another one...)

The engine is from a GSX-1300R, not a GSXR1300R (there is no GSXR-1300R)

The TG time is a 1:22.6. The 1:23.2 is a slower laptime of the same track

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sam11855  12y ago

This car isn\'t road legal.

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supercharger  14y ago

This is cool

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CorvettesRule  15y ago

Some motorcycles weight more than this

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Georg  15y ago

befor someone claims it is not street legal ...


it has run the topgear track with licens plate at the front and rear..