Image of Yamaha YZR-M1

Yamaha YZR-M1 (2021) specs

Motorcycle type Sport
Years built 2021 - 2021
Origin country Japan
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Submitted by FastestLaps

Powertrain specs

Engine type Inline 4, crossplane 16 valve DOHC
Displacement 1000 cc
Transmission 6 speed sequential manual

Qualifying results

Race # Driver Time Gap
Portuguese GP 1st Fabio Quartararo 1:38.86 -
Spanish GP 1st Fabio Quartararo 1:36.75 -
French GP 1st Fabio Quartararo 1:32.60 -
Italian GP 1st Fabio Quartararo 1:45.19 -
Dutch TT 1st Maverick Viñales 1:31.81 -
Catalan GP 1st Fabio Quartararo 1:38.85 -
Qatar GP 2nd Fabio Quartararo 1:53.04 +0.3
Doha GP 2nd Maverick Viñales 1:53.27 +0.2
Spanish GP 2nd Franco Morbidelli 1:36.81 +0.1
French GP 2nd Maverick Viñales 1:32.68 +0.1
Dutch TT 2nd Fabio Quartararo 1:31.88 +0.1
Austrian GP 2nd Fabio Quartararo 1:22.68 +0.0
United States GP 2nd Fabio Quartararo 2:03.13 +0.3
German GP 2nd Fabio Quartararo 1:20.25 +0.0
Qatar GP 3rd Maverick Viñales 1:53.09 +0.3
Styrian GP 3rd Fabio Quartararo 1:23.07 +0.1
British GP 3rd Fabio Quartararo 1:58.92 +0.0
Aragon GP 3rd Fabio Quartararo 1:46.72 +0.4
San Marino GP 3rd Fabio Quartararo 1:31.37 +0.3
Qatar GP 4th Valentino Rossi 1:53.11 +0.3
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Corvolet3  2y ago

Wait a second... this isn't a car!!


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FastestLaps  2y ago

Trust me, it is.

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Rossi46GOAT  2m ago

Yeah the world isn't only made of cars

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Michael Jordan   2y ago

This motorcycle is orange


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Hoppelmoppel123  2y ago

Are you colorblind?

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FastestLaps  2y ago @Hoppelmoppel123

His brain is orange