Lotus Evora 400 lap time at Nürburgring Nordschleife

Image of Lotus Evora 400

Lotus Evora 400 completed a lap of Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7 minutes and 59 seconds.

Track Nürburgring Nordschleife
Type flying start
Vehicle Lotus Evora 400
Power / weight 406 ps / 1440 kg
Time 7:59.000
Peak speed 265 kph (165 mph)
Average speed 155 kph (96 mph)
Air temperature 9 C (48 F)
Track temperature 11 C (52 F)
Air pressure 1021 mbar
Submitted 18.11.2020 by FastestLaps
Source Sport Auto magazine (Germany)
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Reference:   Image of source Sport Auto - 3/2016

Porsche 911 Turbo7:56.00-3.0
Porsche 911 GT37:56.33-2.7
Honda NSX-R7:56.73-2.3
BMW M2 (F87)7:58.00-1.0
Lotus Evora 4007:59.00
B4 S Biturbo Coupé..7:60.00+1.0
911 Turbo 3.67:60.00+1.0
Audi RS5 (8T3)7:59.00-0.0
Dodge Viper SRT-107:59.00-0.0
Pagani Huayra267+2.0
Ferrari LaFerrari267+2.0
McLaren P1267+2.0
Audi TT RS Coupe266+1.0
Lotus Evora 400265 kph
Porsche 718 Cayman S264-1.0
SLS AMG Coupe Electri..260-5.0
BMW M2 (F87)258-7.0
Alpine A110 S (Mk II)257-8.0
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Cocobe  4m ago

I don’t really get why lotuses which are supposed to be extra light weight and hardcore, don’t really show much when it comes to lap times in real life. The 365hp M2 is a car with a large trunk, seats in the back that actually fit people, and is a fraction the price.


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Anonymous  4m ago

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Corvolet3  4m ago

They lose power after 100kph. That's why the laptime is so slow. Or partly it's the driver's fault, especially at sport auto I've seen those cars not driven to their full potential.

For example, with a decent driver an Exige 430 can keep up with a McLaren 570S

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196ss  4m ago

It's suspension has more comfort settings. Exige is better suited for track.
And still, the driver didn't seriously push it, with 1:12 at hockenheim it should be faster at Nordschleife.

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FastestLaps  4m ago

Had to re-add because there already was 3/2016 by fakekiller. If you something that overlaps, don't add double, just ping me and I will add.