Chevrolet Corvette C6 lap time at SportAuto wet handling test

Image of Chevrolet Corvette C6

Chevrolet Corvette C6 completed a lap of SportAuto wet handling test in 1 minute and 30.3 seconds.

Track SportAuto wet handling test
Type flying start
Vehicle Chevrolet Corvette C6
Power / weight 405 ps / 1476 kg
Time 1:30.300
Average speed 71 kph (44 mph)
Submitted 28.11.2007 by sportauto
Views 1.7k

Reference:   sportauto supertest

Audi S5 (8T3)1:29.80-0.5
Porsche 911 GT3 1:29.90-0.4
Ferrari 430 Scuderia1:30.10-0.2
Alpina B6 S1:30.10-0.2
Corvette C61:30.30
911 Carrera S1:30.50+0.2
Audi TT 2.0 TFSI1:31.00+0.7
BMW M61:31.00+0.7
SLS AMG1:31.50+1.2
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Jeff B  9y ago

This Nery guy posted the exact same post like 4 months ago, word for word. Don't bother.

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E  9y ago

I know that the PDK is faster as a transmission, I was only arguing in terms on involvement.

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BR2,  9y ago

But with a PDK, you can focus on the track more, trying to hit the apex more precise, not worrying about shift points and/or missing the right shift, and not too mention the shifting speed, sure, we all know Manuals are more fun, and involving then a DSG type, and i would take one 9/10 times, but your gonna get faster acceleration and track times in a PDK then a manual.

And Shadows Half the Porsches? Its only problem is the GT3RS 4.0 and GT2RS, so more like 90%, But still.

I would like to see a Company make a Transmission with an All-In-One Package Tranny, being able to use a H Patern, but at the same time being able to switch to Paddles at the flick of a button, along with a Real Auto, All in the same Transmission.

"Tri-ManuMatic TransMission"
Thas Got a Nice Ring t it.

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E  9y ago

Manual transmissions are pretty serious when it comes to driving fast. The key word their being driving, as the manual is more involving than PDK, which is a good thing for drivers looking for involvement. If you want fast, the Corvette already overshadows half of the Porsche line up and is low cost to boot.

GM doesn't have much to worry about from Porsche with the Corvette.

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BR2,  9y ago

PDK is superior but when it comes to track performance.. not so much.

....Not sure i would agree with that one..

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monkeypop  9y ago

Yes Nery, many people still prefer stick. For pure acceleration times PDK is superior but when it comes to track performance.. not so much.

One thing I really hate about DCT is having to bang through multiple gears to go into the correct gear. With a manual you can go directly to the gear you want.

And to say DCT is more precise.. well maybe in the hands of a novice it is but you have more control with a manual.

$70k for a car that can hang with ferraris and other high end cars is a bargain.

Any novice that tries to push the limits is likely to wind up in a ditch. Not just corvette drivers.

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Nery  9y ago

they still prefer a stick over the PDK, slmipy isn't serious about driving fast ] Another point I've been making about the dual clutch transmission for nigh on a lustrum now is that this system is designed for performance, and anyone who wants to go faster and be more precise with their driving has no other alternative.It's a simple choice, the Corvette is a dinosaur, for little kids who like to play cars and strut their bravado hoping to impress their ignorant friends and unsophisticated girls. The 911, despite its design flaws, is for serious drivers who appreciate a car that will allow them to plumb their own limits as a driver, without winding up upside down in a ditch calling a tow truck which is where the average unschooled Corvette driver so often ends up when they push it a little too far. The 911 is for drivers, the Corvette, any Corvette, is for posers. Which are you? Which do you want to be?I disagree with John, these cars are pretty evenly matched, though he's correct, GM really has to go to their top shelf to challenge even the lowliest 911, so far behind are they in the area of refinement and quality for your money. If the Corvette cost $30,000 it would be a bargain, but for $70,000 it's a ripoff, plain and simple, and GM should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to foist this scam on to the buying public here in the 21st century. If they were selling this car in 1997, it would be impressive, but here in 2012 it's just a joke on everyone who puts out