Audi R8 V10 RWD lap time at Hockenheim GP

Image of Audi R8 V10 RWD

2020 Audi R8 V10 RWD completed a lap of Hockenheim GP in 1 minute and 54.2 seconds.

Track Hockenheim GP
Type flying start
Vehicle Audi R8 V10 RWD (Mk II facelift)
Power / weight 540 ps / 1633 kg
Driver Christian Gebhardt
Time 1:54.200
Peak speed 257 kph (160 mph)
Average speed 144 kph (90 mph)
Air temperature 30 C (86 F)
Track temperature 51 C (124 F)
Air pressure 1013 mbar
Submitted 3 years ago by FastestLaps
Source Sport Auto magazine (Germany)
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Reference:   Image of source Sport Auto - 9/2020 - "Gut Ding Will Eile Haben" - Audi R8 vs Chevrolet Corvette vs Porsche 911

911 Carrera GTS1:54.00-0.2
MP4-12C Spider1:54.10-0.1
Corvette Grand Spo..1:54.10-0.1
Porsche Taycan Turbo1:54.10-0.1
Audi R8 V10 RWD1:54.20
911 Carrera S1:54.50+0.3
Mustang Shelby GT5001:54.60+0.4
DBS Superleggera 1:54.60+0.4
BMW M3 Competition1:54.60+0.4
AMG GT 63 S259+2.0
BMW M8 Competition258+1.0
911 GT3 Touring258+1.0
Streetfighter V4 S257+0.2
Audi R8 V10 RWD257 kph
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S256-1.0
911 GT3 Touring255-2.0
Panamera Turbo S 255-2.0
AMG GT 63 S254-3.0
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Cocobe  3y ago

maybe the really hot conditions played a part, well it definitely did, but we don't know how much. The 911 turbo S was 2.2s slower than a previous test.
OR this chassis was never meant for RWD only.
bear in mind, this costs about the same as a 911S and a AMG GTS.

In that sense I think it's quite a bargain.

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benni275  3y ago

the only one with cup tires but still the slowest XD


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DodgeHEMI426  3y ago

They honestly put this one on cup tires?!

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Tommi95  3y ago

Not the slowest, the corvette was the slowest on the track. Considering how comfy and gt oriented the r8 is, it's not a bad laptime at all. However, I'd take the 911 or a Corvette over this car. Less money, same performances.

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Hans  3y ago @Tommi95

R8 is worth extra cash for that glorious V10 engine. It wins with that engine alone. Vette is cheap becouse is worse. Nothing special.

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benedekpuskas  3y ago

McLaren GT 1:55.10 Honda NSX (Mk II) 1:55.30 Corvette Grand Sport 1:55.30 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S 1:55.40

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Xbow1  3y ago @benedekpuskas

I bet the McLaren could go faster than that and maybe the AMG also.

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DodgeHEMI426  2y ago @Hans

Wow "Vette is cheap because it's worse" is just mildly ignorant.

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LS7engine  2y ago @Tommi95

pretty ignorant to say “corvette cheaper because worse” Corvette ZR1 does 1/4 mile in 10.2 seconds, and 10.8 on STREET SURFACE, audi R8 V10 performance does 10.7-10.9 seconds, the porsche 911 turbo S is same price as R8 and does 1/4 mile in 10.1-10.0 seconds. R8 performance does nurburgring in 7:32 while ZR1 does 7:04 on COLD STREET TIRES, Z06 does 7:13, the Base model C8 does 7:29, R8 loses to base model corvette on nurburgring, also turbo S does 7:17, R8 loses to camaro ZL1 1LE in almost every track.

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Corvolet3  2y ago @LS7engine

This race was rigged. Sport auto doesn't know shit about how to drive American cars. Just to state the absolute obvious.