McLaren 765LT 1/4 mile

Image of McLaren 765LT

2020 McLaren 765LT will finish 1/4 mile in 9.9 seconds.

Vehicle McLaren 765LT
Power / weight 765 ps / 1368 kg
Time 9.88 s
Trap speed 235.3 kph (146.2 mph)
FL estimate 10.3 s @ 149.7 mph
Air temperature 26 C (79 F)
Submitted 26.11.2020 by Hoppelmoppel123
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Reference:   CRAZY FAST! * McLaren 765LT Performance Testing * 9.x 1/4 Mile on the Street!

9ff GTronic 12009.6-0.3
Ferrari LaFerrari9.7-0.2
McLaren P19.8-0.1
9ff 911 Turbo S9.9-0.0
McLaren 765LT9.9 s
9ff GTronic 14009.9+0.0
McLaren 720S9.9+0.0
Hennessey Venom GT9.9+0.0
Veyron 16.4 Super S..9.9+0.0
Huayra BC Roadster147.9+1.7
Lotec Sirius147.9+1.7
McLaren Senna (P15)147.5+1.3
Pagani Huayra BC147.3+1.1
McLaren 765LT146.2 mph
Ferrari SF90 Stradale146.0-0.2
Veyron 16.4 Super Spo..146.0-0.2
Saleen S7 Twin Turbo146.0-0.2
Koenigsegg CCX145.4-0.8
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Mohamed Khalil  1m ago

1/4 mile: 9.3’s !!!



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FastestLaps  1m ago

I generally don't count these extreme dragstrip times. Its basically driving on superglue. How often on the road do you drive on superglue?

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RSDF  2m ago