Ferrari LaFerrari lap time at Spa Francorchamps

Image of Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari finished a flying lap of Spa Francorchamps in 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

Track Spa Francorchamps
Type flying start
Vehicle Ferrari LaFerrari
Power / weight 963 ps / 1606 kg
Time 2:48.000
Average speed 150 kph (93 mph)
Notes Damp patches
Submitted 25.03.2015 by sroser
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Reference: 4:22-7:00

Nissan GT-R2:43.41-4.6
BAC MONO2:43.76-4.2
Porsche 911 GT3 2:44.45-3.6
Porsche Cayman GT42:44.57-3.4
Ferrari LaFerrari2:48.00
Porsche Cayman GTS2:48.60+0.6
BMW M3 (E46)2:49.89+1.9
BMW M42:54.00+6.0
Honda Civic Type R2:56.91+8.9
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BR2+  6y ago

...Yes man, As a moderator i delete fast laps from cars i dont like, Next i will delete all P1 laptimes because they are too fast, Then the C7 ZO6, Then the GT3, I dont like fast, And i dont like fast cars that are too fast, So i must delete them....

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abcdeghi  6y ago

your right br2+ deletes fast laps for the cars he don't like(if it is fast)IMO else he would have deleted huracan's lap willow spring (dunlop slicks)too which was done on willow spring's.he does not even believes a video and has excuses made when the car he doesn't like is too fast when i showed actual fastest acceleration of f1 video.excuse was uploader was obsessed with f1 when timer was shown.
there was a roadlegal f1 gtr lap on goodwood which was deleted just because he didn't want it to be fastest lap on goodwood.

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sroser  7y ago

BR2+ - So why is the Huracan Willow Springs lap still allowed?

Why do we have 2 times set on Dunlop slicks on this track?

Why is the Donkervoort tuner car lap there on Hockenheim Short?

Why is the Huayra Top Gear lap still there?

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sroser  7y ago

petrolheadcz - I actually added the 458S lap for Monza but technically that wasn't a pro-driver either.

The reason it may have been deleted is because the driver used Trofeo Rs, which are street-legal, non-slick tyres, but they are not OEM options on the 458S, whereas they are on the P1.

The problem is that the Huracan Willow Springs lap time still remains, even though the same ruling applies equally to it...

...then you have the Donkervoort time on Hockenheim Short - that's not even a production car.

...then you have the two Radical times on this track, both set on Dunlop slicks. I have no idea how these things are worked out.

...similarly the comparisons all use the slower P1 lap on Anglesey Coastal for no valid reason whatsoever.

...then you have the Huayra Top Gear lap as you mentioned, which used cut slicks, not even a road legal tyre at all, never mind an OEM option, and it still stands not only on this site but also on the Top Gear site.

The reason I feel it's good to include these times is because Ferrari have cowered away from lap testing and hopefully this kind of thing will force their hand. Similarly, the 918 has been keen to compete on slower tracks but has also cowered away from GP track comparisons, so the same applies.

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BR2+  7y ago

Yeah man, Because i delete laptimes with cars that use non stock non optional tyres, Because you know, The Speciale used in that Monza laptime was with Trofeo Rs....As mentioned in the description....And we all know that a 458 Speciale comes atandard with Trofeos..............

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petrolheadCZ  7y ago

This lap time was set on wet track, heavy traffic, on heavily worn tires, the driver wasn't pushing hard, it was just driving for fun, same goes for the 918's time, they were just chasing each other, there's a footage on YouTube! Horrible conditions, no verve or aiming for the fastest lap.

homes you're writing an utter rubbish, website like this is pretty useless, if it's posting and stating irrelevant figures and times. And this is not motorsport! I've also noticed that some idiots made requests to delete amazing and absolutely correct lap time set by 458 Speciale on Monza. Reason: slick tires and other lies stated by that hater BR2+. And of course - it was deleted! And lap times set on slick tires by P1 and Huayra and others still remain. This site is clearly biased as hell. Awake!

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homes  7y ago

Not all lap times are set under perfect conditions. In motorsport good conditions are a privilege, not a right.

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sroser  7y ago

P1 lap on Spa was also with 2 people. Damp patches were very sparse, looked largely dry, no spray to be seen anywhere. Traffic was also sparse in the time period indicated. No hold-backs or major deviations from the racing line.

Furthermore, the Autocar dry lap time for the P1 was also in the damp.

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petrolheadCZ  7y ago

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saxy  7y ago

Heavy traffic, 2 people, damp/wet