Ferrari 550 Maranello lap time at Nürburgring Nordschleife

Image of Ferrari 550 Maranello

Ferrari 550 Maranello completed a lap of Nürburgring Nordschleife in 8 minutes and 7 seconds.

Track Nürburgring Nordschleife
Type flying start
Vehicle Ferrari 550 Maranello
Power / weight 486 ps / 1718 kg
Time 8:07.000
Average speed 152 kph (95 mph)
Submitted 18.01.2007 by sportauto
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BMW M3 (E92)8:05.00-2.0
575 Maranello8:05.00-2.0
Porsche Cayman R8:06.00-1.0
Porsche Cayman S8:06.00-1.0
550 Maranello8:07.00
B3 S Biturbo Coupe8:09.00+2.0
RUF CTR Yellow Bird8:10.00+3.0
BMW M68:07.76+0.8
C 43 AMG Coupe 4MAT..8:10.00+3.0
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Corvolet3  2m ago

Two seconds faster than a lighter and more powerful Diablo SV. Didn't expect that.


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196ss  2m ago

At Vairano Lambo beat Ferrari:

Anyway, at the Nordschleife with proper testing both had to be faster than 8 minutes.

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Corvolet3  2m ago @196ss

I'm not sure about that. I mean, both cars don't have a reputation for great track performance. I think I remember Mathias Lauda saying the 575 was rather sluggish.

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196ss  2m ago @Corvolet3

Sport Auto laptimes usually not very good due to the limited time on the track, and the fear of not damaging very expensive car, so better times very possible.
However if this cars had Porsche badge, at least 10 seconds could be cutted:)
As for motorsport, if I'm not mistaken, Prodrive 550 had won FIA GT Championship. Diablo can't boast of that.

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Corvolet3  2m ago @196ss

Good point. But I'd say considering the time these cars came out, not much of a difference could have been done. Manufacturers weren't so good at compensating for their weight, and similar Ferraris or Porsche weren't that much faster.