Audi S7 Sportback TDI 1000 m

Image of Audi S7 Sportback TDI

According to "Automovil", 2019 Audi S7 Sportback TDI will finish 1000 m distance in 23.0 seconds.

Vehicle Audi S7 Sportback TDI (4K8)
Power / weight 349 ps / 2170 kg
Time 22.98 s
Air temperature 13 C (55 F)
Track temperature 16 C (61 F)
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Reference:   Automovil - 1/2020

BMW M2 (F87)22.9-0.1
Audi RS3 Sportback22.9-0.1
Ford Mustang GT22.9-0.1
BMW X7 M50i (G07)23.0-0.0
S7 Sportback TDI23.0 s
Ghibli Trofeo23.0+0.0
Aston Martin DB11 V823.0+0.0
550 Maranello23.0+0.0
BMW M440i xDrive 23.0+0.0
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