Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 laptime at Hockenheim Short

Image of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392

Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 completed a lap of Hockenheim Short in 1 minute and 17.4 seconds.

Track Hockenheim Short
Type flying start
Vehicle Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392
Power / weight 477 ps / 1933 kg
Time 1:17.400
Average speed 121 kph (75 mph)
Submitted 12.10.2013 by Viking
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BMW Z4 M Coupe1:17.20-0.2
BMW Z3 M Coupe1:17.20-0.2
911 Carrera RS N/GT1:17.20-0.2
BMW M3 (E36)1:17.20-0.2
Challenger SRT-8 3921:17.40
BMW M3 (E46)1:17.60+0.2
Nissan 370Z Nismo1:17.60+0.2
Maserati GranTurismo1:17.60+0.2
Aston Martin DB91:17.70+0.3
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BR2+  7y ago

You can say that, but fact is, Biased is EVERYWHERE, Wether you chose to believe it or not, German cars are faster on German track, American cars are faster on American tracks, Italian cars are faster on Italian tracks, Japanese cars are faster on Japanese track etc.

Or maybe, the TYPE of car the cars are, says something about the country, Not perse the contry itself, But what kind of handling and attributes the cars hold, You don expect a guy to be the best in driving cars like a GT-r, then all of a sudden get in a ZO6 and make Magic do you? regardless of exp, Maybe that could be a reason...doubt it, but its plausible.

But everyone here, knows fully well that American cars are picked on the most, that's no secret. Whatever car you in, of the ame country, theres always gonna be biased no matter what.

I always try to stray from my roots, and getting into this kind of debate, thas why you don't see me Swinging On The Nuts Of British Cars.

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Hamcee  7y ago

u know, u could also turn that argument around and say that the lap times for american cars of comparable performance to their european counterparts are significantly faster by quite a large margin on american tracks.

see? ur argument is utter shit as u can flip it around as u wish.

u take the american laptimes for granted as they HAVE TO BE RIGHT. but the european ones are clearly rigged. lets talk about being biased.

not to mention that the vette does fairly well on the hockenheim short, beating the gt2 rs, aventador, italia, mp4, gt-r.

even the z07 beats the italia, gt-r and is on par with the mp4

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aaaa  7y ago

it's no secret that the lap times for american cars of comparable performance to their European (particularly German) counterparts are significantly slower by quite a large margin. it's possible that Horst Von Saurma is just a bad driver than anything but German cars, but judging by the fact that the laptimes are so ridiculously skewed and inconsistent, I find that highly unlikely.

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Hamcee  7y ago

how is the hockenheim anti american?

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aaaa  7y ago

since when is the challenger not a performance car? I know it's heavy but there's still no denying it's performance when it's quicker than a camaro ss, among other cars. and keep in mind this is hockenheim, arguably one of the most anti american car publications out there.

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BR2+  7y ago

The Challenger is one of the BEST, or coolest looking cars to have ever have come. The inside I wish it were more like its concept, but still not bad at all. Id pay for it. Although 4200Lbs is no joke, Also when it was introduced, it was only available with an Auto?-_-

But at Hockenheim, If your Anything but a Corvette, youll get a shit laptime, Just look at the rest. As fast as a 400Bhp 98 E39 M3/ 220Bhp 11 Year Old ...Megane? A 2007 Z4?...A golf GTD?...Right. Take 2s off.

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Viking  7y ago

I agree the current Challenger is great looking. One of my co-workers purchased one this year, and it looks fantastic in black with red accents.

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Mental  7y ago

How could it manage to get such a slow laptime?... I know Challenger is not nearly a performance car, but it could have been quicker...

I'd be willing the Challenger's successor - SRT Barracuda to be more track focused by getting extra powerrrrrrr, upgrading suspension, brakes etc., and having a diet. But I don't want it to get smaller dimensions, or change image, because the current design is simply Gorgeous!


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fakekillerfour 47m 

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