Ferrari 812 Superfast laptime at Nikko

Image of Ferrari 812 Superfast

2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast completed a flying lap of Nikko in 42.8 seconds.

Track Nikko
Type flying start
Vehicle Ferrari 812 Superfast
Power / weight 800 ps / 1729 kg
Driver Nanami Tsukamoto
Time 0:42.799
Average speed 87 kph (54 mph)
Submitted 17.09.2019 by FastestLaps
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Reference:   Best Motoring - Nanami Tsukamoto track impression 2019

Huracán Performante0:41.73-1.1
BMW M2 (F87)0:41.92-0.9
Ferrari 458 Speciale0:42.57-0.2
812 Superfast0:42.80
BMW M2 (F87)0:42.81+0.0
Aventador LP700-40:43.37+0.6
Porsche 911 GT30:43.45+0.7
Toyota GT860:44.47+1.7
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dr. cosimo  1m ago

is fastestlaps site now being sponsored by the national woman's rights convention ?

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is the world coming to an end ?

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what others freaks are hiding behind screen names here that look like this ?


i always knew something wasn't right about this site and it's moderators.

a dumb track with a dumber driver that should be cleaning toilets or bowing down for foriegners that travel all the way to taste their raw food that gets you to throw up.

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manone  1m ago

what bùllshìt track and drivers are these?? ahahaha 812 and speciale as fast as m2 and honda civic? lol why do you even consider listing this joke in this site?

you should forward it to germancarforum or rennsport


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FastestLaps  1m ago

It's a Jap girl with pink helmet:

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SpeedKing  1m ago @FastestLaps

She looked good but drove like a granny lol

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FastestLaps  1m ago @SpeedKing

At least she's driving. It's an improvement. They used to only have girls stand there and look good.

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manone  1m ago @FastestLaps

oh i did not know the driver was a girl. from the times she gets with the cars, she should not be a racing driver. yet, the track is totally useless for testing these kind of cars.

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FastestLaps  1m ago

"Super fast", but not "BMW M2 fast".