Audi S4 100 kph - 0

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According to "Auto Bild Sportscars", Audi S4 will decelerate from 100 kilometers per hour to 0 in 33.1 meters (108.6 feet), with peak deceleration rate of 1.2 g.

Vehicle Audi S4 (B9)
Power / weight 354 ps / 1717 kg
Distance 33.1 m (109 feet)
Peak deceleration 1.19 g (11.7 m/s²)
Est. time 2.6 s
Submitted 12.11.2016 by fakekillerfour
Source Auto Bild Sportscars magazine (Germany)
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Reference:   Image of source Auto Bild Sportscars - 12/2016 - Audi S4 vs Jaguar XE-S vs Mercedes C43 AMG

Porsche 718 Cayman33.0-0.1
Audi S5 Coupé (9T)33.0-0.1
Porsche 911 Turbo S33.0-0.1
Porsche Cayenne GTS33.0-0.1
Audi S4 (B9)33.1 m
Ford Mustang R-SPEC33.2+0.1
VW Golf GTE33.2+0.1
A4 45 TFSI Quattro33.2+0.1
Insignia Sports Tou..33.2+0.1
Ford Focus ST Turnier11.8+0.1
Honda NSX (Mk II)11.8+0.1
C 63 AMG S11.8+0.1
Volvo V60 T8 Polestar11.8+0.1
Audi S4 (B9)11.7 m/s²
Lexus LC 50011.6-0.1
Cadillac ATS-V11.6-0.1
Charger SRT Hellcat11.6-0.1
Vantage AMR11.6-0.1
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added data for Mercedes-Benz G 350 d, data for Subaru Forester 2.0I EcoHybrid (Mk V), data for Audi RS Q3 Sportback, data for Ford Focus Active Turnier 1.5 Ecoboost, Ford Focus Active Turnier 1.5 Ecoboost and more

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