Koenigsegg One:1 lap time at Suzuka

Image of Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg One:1 completed a lap of Suzuka in 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Track Suzuka
Type flying start
Vehicle Koenigsegg One:1
Power / weight 1359 ps / 1340 kg
Driver Robert Serwanski
Time 2:17.000
Average speed 153 kph (95 mph)
Notes times Nissan GT-R is not 1:18,00 but 2:18.36
Submitted 26.05.2015 by anonymous
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Reference:   http://koenigsegg.com/koenigsegg-one1-a-lap-at-suzuka/

Manor MRT051:33.56-43.4
Porsche 911 GT2 RS2:14.00-3.0
McLaren P12:15.00-2.0
Porsche 918 Spyder2:16.00-1.0
Koenigsegg One:12:17.00
Huracán Performante2:18.00+1.0
Nissan GT-R2:18.36+1.4
Porsche 911 GT3 RS2:19.00+2.0
McLaren 675LT2:19.00+2.0
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phavyarden  6y ago

Tsuchiya, Gan-san, would have done a much better lap. At least 1.5 seconds faster maybe. I was pissed when i couldn't see the braking at the 1st corner cause of that useless hood camera. The car clearly wasn't driven at it's limits! Braking always was safe instead of solid. He was maybe just way too conservative all the time. Still, nobody here can blame a man for driving a car with that amount of power and price carefully.
With all the love that i have to Koenigsegg cars,this car it's definetly not a track weapon such as the 918 it's. Even if the driver wasn't a professional, that car requieres serious balls to hit the limits!

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saxy  6y ago

Firstly, it's 2:17.57. The "2:18.36" was driven by an amateur who goes to the track a lot and uploads his own drives on youtube. A professional driver with 3x the power to weight ratio should be able to do a lot better...

I'd expect a 918 or a P1 to be in the region of 2:10. lack luster or not, the car did not look like it had 7 seconds more pace in the pocket

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FastestLaps  6y ago

It was driven on limit. The limit was lack of motivation and general wimpiness.

They should have given this car to one of the ex-Best Motoring drivers, how about Keiichi Tsuchiya?

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Hayes  6y ago

It was not driven at the limit according to koenisegg!