Ferrari SF90 Stradale 0 - 200 kph

Image of Ferrari SF90 Stradale

According to "FCA Group", 2019 Ferrari SF90 Stradale accelerates from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 6.7 seconds.

Vehicle Ferrari SF90 Stradale
Power / weight 1000 ps / 1570 kg
Time 6.70 s
Est. distance 212 m (695 ft)
Peak acceleration 1.19 g (12 m/s²)
Submitted 29.05.2019 by fakekillerfour
Source FCA Group manufacturer (Italy)
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Reference:   FCA Group - Ferrari SF90 Stradale reveal press release

9ff GTronic 14006.2-0.5
9ff GTronic 12006.5-0.2
9ff F97-170 Paul6.6-0.1
Koenigsegg One:16.6-0.1
SF90 Stradale6.7 s
McLaren Senna (P15)6.8+0.1
9ff GT9 Vmax6.9+0.2
McLaren P16.9+0.2
Porsche 962 LeMans6.9+0.2
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