SRT Viper TA lap time at Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (post 01/2014)

Image of SRT Viper TA

SRT Viper TA completed a lap of Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (post 01/2014) in 2 minutes and 49.9 seconds.

Track Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (post 01/2014)
Type flying start
Vehicle SRT Viper TA
Power / weight 649 ps / 1516 kg
Time 2:49.900
Average speed 143 kph (89 mph)
Submitted 9 years ago by phavyarden
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Reference:   October Issue Car&Driver Lightning Lap

Corvette Stingray2:48.99-0.9
AMG GT 63 S2:49.30-0.6
Nissan GT-R Nismo2:49.40-0.5
CT5-V Blackwing2:49.40-0.5
SRT Viper TA2:49.90
Chevrolet Camaro ZL12:50.10+0.2
Honda NSX (Mk II)2:50.20+0.3
BMW M5 CS2:50.30+0.4
718 Cayman GT42:50.31+0.4
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racerns  9y ago

It was not really a different congifuration, still the Grand Course, but the track was repaved and widened over last winter. The regulars that run there (mostly on the Full Course) have been seeing times ~ 2 sec a lap faster than previous bests. They do make mention of it in one of the side bars in the article that the track is now faster with the changes, but then say they were not going to put any * for the lap times. I do think it was kind of irresponsible of them to keep making comparisons to the previous times though. It makes some of the new cars faster than they are as compared some of the previous cars.

I know this because I was there running the track the day before C&D started testing for the LL. I got to see all the cars getting weighed and ready for the test.

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Flabernat  9y ago

I figured. It's just odd that C&D would make comparisons between laptimes even though they used a different configuration....
...Actually I'm surprised they used a different configuration at all. You think they would use the same track every time so all laptimes are comparable... Huh

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saxy  9y ago

yes there are different variations of the track.

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Flabernat  9y ago

Hey all, why is are these times listed under a different track?... Was it a different circuit?

I briefly read through the Road&Track issue with this years lighting lap article and they were making all sorts of comparisons between laptops from previous Lightning Laps.