Nissan GT-R Nismo lap time at Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (post 01/2014)

Image of Nissan GT-R Nismo

Nissan GT-R Nismo completed a lap of Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (post 01/2014) in 2 minutes and 49.4 seconds.

Track Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (post 01/2014)
Type flying start
Vehicle Nissan GT-R Nismo (R35)
Power / weight 600 ps / 1746 kg
Time 2:49.400
Average speed 144 kph (89 mph)
Submitted 9 years ago by phavyarden
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Reference:   October Issue Car&Driver Lightning Lap

Huracan LP 610-42:47.50-1.9
Panamera Turbo S 2:47.80-1.6
Corvette Stingray2:48.99-0.4
AMG GT 63 S2:49.30-0.1
Nissan GT-R Nismo2:49.40
CT5-V Blackwing2:49.50+0.1
SRT Viper TA2:49.90+0.5
Chevrolet Camaro ZL12:50.10+0.7
Honda NSX (Mk II)2:50.20+0.8
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Wiped  1y ago

This lap was done with shitty car mode. Suspension is not in R mode and stability control is switched on. If they did it properly, it'll will be close to AMG GT R's time 100% sure.

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herpderp  9y ago

oh Z06 beats Godzilla down!

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saxy  9y ago

The Nurburgring time was with the time attack edition.

The Nurburgring time was set with a manufacture team to get absolute results. That alone is worth 10-15 seconds.

Pretty sure the ZR1 and the 458 time at VIR was set with manufacture team and back up, and while the GTR, no. So it makes the GTR all the more impressive.

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Bernardo  9y ago

Does not impress me one bit these performance numbers, see the Nissan announces Nürburgring in 7:08. This just proves that the car record at the Nürburgring is not the same you will earn the streets. Or Japanese pilots make magic ...

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CoolShirtGuy  9y ago

When have GT-R's ever performed as well on other tracks as they do at the 'Ring? That's why every claim is more dubious than the last from Nissan; those incredible times never seem to translate anywhere else.

And before anyone throws a fit about it, I've got nothing against the GT-R. Not hating, just stating.

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racerns  9y ago

Not that impressed. Add about 2 sec for comparison to the past VIR times since it was repaved and widened last winter. Not showing the magic of the 7:08 ring time.

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Shaggy  9y ago

It did beat a Mosler, so I'm impressed.

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Bernardo  9y ago

Only half a second faster than a 458 Italia. Little for a car made for circuits.