VW Golf R 1/4 mile

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According to "Carwow", 2020 VW Golf R will finish 1/4 mile distance in 12.3 seconds.

Vehicle VW Golf R (Mk VIII)
Power / weight 320 ps / 1529 kg
Time 12.28 s
Trap speed 181.7 kph (112.9 mph)
FL estimate 13.5 s @ 115.0 mph
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Reference:   Carwow - VW Golf R v BMW M135i v Audi S3 v AMG A35: DRAG RACE

Porsche Macan Turbo12.3-0.0
BMW M3 Competition12.3-0.0
BMW M4 Competition12.3-0.0
C 63 AMG S Coupe12.3-0.0
VW Golf R (Mk VIII)12.3 s
Diablo VT12.3+0.0
Corvette Stingray12.3+0.0
Audi RS 3 Limousine12.3+0.0
Ducati Monster +12.3+0.0
Chevrolet Corvette C6113.0+0.1
Model Y Performance113.0+0.1
Audi SQ7 4.0 TFSI113.0+0.1
Lexus RC F112.9+0.0
VW Golf R (Mk VIII)112.9 mph
Shelby Series 1 S/C112.8-0.1
Mustang SVT Cobra R112.8-0.1
718 Cayman GTS 4.0112.7-0.2
BMW M2 Competition112.7-0.2
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icr  2w ago

Carwow just did a drag race with the anniversary Golf R which has more power, and it did a 12.5s quarter mile - so still slower than what we see here, which were the press Golf Rs that the reviewers were given at launch.

If that's not evidence that the press cars at launch were pumped up I don't know what is.


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TypeF173  2w ago

What month was the 12.3 seconds run in? It's currently January in England? And you're complaining over what, 0.2 seconds?

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Corvolet3  1y ago

12.3 seconds... yeah you can tell they used rollout or the car isn't stock


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benedekpuskas  1y ago

Pretty insane performance... I believe it has about 370-380 horsepower.

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Corvolet3  1y ago @benedekpuskas

Yeah, I had to check other magazines and they all say the same. Pretty shocking. I'd put it around 340 PS like the first gen RS3. My guess is they did a good job on that DSG, and that weight advantage sure is helpful too

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icr  1y ago @Corvolet3

A few months later it seems likely that the press cars were beefed up. Carwow had another video which included a Golf R, this time a customer car, and it got 12.7 seconds.

That's quite a difference from the 12.3-12.4 they were consistently getting on press cars. Sadly that's the only video with a customer car that I managed to find so it's not conclusive by any means. But it's worth investigating in my opinion.

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hostboy  1y ago

Carwow doesn't use rollout BUT they do use PJ1 TrackBite glue. It does 12.1 in the quarter, basically. But these are Euro-spec cars, not US-spec ones.

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Bruno  2m ago

Car does run 12.3 at 112 to 113mph stock if dsg and rune I'm nurburgring mode or custom mode set shocks to aliitle under sport and all else set to race . P.s a tune mk8 golf r dsg runs 11.5 at 119mph . Ecu 93 Oct. / tcu tune to support high tq numbers . And intake or intercooler upgrade . For heat issues = power lost


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Hoppelmoppel123 4h 

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Hoppelmoppel123 6h 

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