Ford GT lap time at Vairano Handling Course

Image of Ford GT

Ford GT completed a lap of Vairano Handling Course in 1 minute and 11.1 seconds.

Track Vairano Handling Course
Type flying start
Vehicle Ford GT (Mk II 656 PS)
Power / weight 656 ps / 1480 kg
Time 1:11.112
Average speed 132 kph (82 mph)
Submitted 5 years ago by fakekillerfour
Source Quattroroute magazine (Italy)
Views 1.6k

Reference:   Image of source Quattroroute - 5/2018

McLaren 675LT1:10.10-1.0
McLaren 720S1:10.22-0.9
Ferrari F8 Tributo1:10.45-0.7
Huracán Evo1:10.78-0.3
Ford GT1:11.11
Corvette Z061:11.34+0.2
Ferrari 488 GTB1:11.52+0.4
Porsche 911 GT3 RS1:11.73+0.6
Huracan LP 610-41:11.80+0.7
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Renzone  5y ago

It's a good time in Vairano for a rear-wheel drive, you have to understand first of all the used tires.
In their advertised comparative test, against the Mclaren 675Lt and the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the Ford Gt does better than a second of the Mclaren ... but here it took a second.
Either the tires were different in the tests, or they pumped up the performance on Ford's lap a bit.
Only 4 tenths better than 488, more than twice the price.
The Ferrari 488 Pista will demolish that time, will score at least a 1.09 low, but I hope even better.

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manone  5y ago

i think instead that this time is excellent for a 2wd car. which tyres did they use? if anything else than trofeos, then it is the best laptime for a 2wd.
vairano is a crappy, slow, useless track and it is very hard to be fast there with a 2wd.

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tyler  5y ago

I would expect a much better laptime than this.


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saxy  5y ago

Faster than a 488gtb, hardly slow

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Fordfella  5y ago @saxy

Acceleration similar to Motor Trend test with rollout added.

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Fastedee  5y ago

Racecars are more about many fast laps than a single blistering lap. 488 has its measure in a dragrace though. Pista will probably do 1:08-1:08.5 and accelerates way faster. Still, a cool car though.

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Fastedee  5y ago @Fordfella


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cosimo  5y ago @saxy

for 500k it better be, merely by 0.41 lolololol

nice try chump, you must've missed the slow long ass list of vw 9-11 variant, german c0ck eater :)

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manone  5y ago @Fastedee

i do not think this is going to happen.
Vairano favors too much
4wd vs 2wd, and it is too slow of a track, there are hardly 5 seconds in which pista's superior downforce can play a role.
2wd need trofeos r to hope to be minimally competitive vs
4wd. they should test them in mugello, instead, but
quattroruote are too stupid to understand this simple fact.

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Renzone  5y ago @manone

Quelli di Quattroruote sono stupidi? Pensi che non conoscano le caratteristiche del loro tracciato? Sanno bene come a Vairano una trazione integrale, sia avvantaggiata rispetto ad un posteriore.
Non sono certo stupidi, non come te, che hai scritto questo commento.

Are those of Quattroruote stupid? Do you think they do not know the characteristics of their track? They know well how to Vairano a four-wheel drive, both advantageous compared to a rear.
I'm certainly not stupid, not like you, who wrote this comment.

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manone  5y ago @Renzone

not sure why you got so upset, lol. if a magazine uses just
one track which is so slow and so much biased towards 4wd for their track tests, i am not sure how to define them other
than stupid, especially since they have plenty of much more
relevant and complete tracks close at hand.