Porsche 911 Carrera S 1/4 mile

Image of Porsche 911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 Carrera S will finish 1/4 mile distance in 11.8 seconds.

Vehicle Porsche 911 Carrera S (991)
Power / weight 400 ps / 1415 kg
Time 11.80 s
Trap speed 192.0 kph (119.3 mph)
FL estimate 12.4 s @ 120.5 mph
Submitted 05.01.2012 by gt
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Reference:   roadandtrack.com/var/ezflow_site/storage_RT_NEW/storage/original/application/34604a045c803fd08e75e3cee9b225a9.pdf

LFA Nurburgring Pac..11.8-0.0
Mosler MT 900 GTR11.8-0.0
Pagani Zonda C12 S11.8-0.0
599 GTB Fiorano HGTE11.8-0.0
911 Carrera S11.8 s
DBS Superleggera 11.8+0.0
Chevrolet Camaro ZL111.8+0.0
Audi RS5 (9T)11.8+0.0
Continental GT11.9+0.1
Continental Superspor..119.6+0.3
Shelby Mustang GT350R119.6+0.3
Porsche 959119.5+0.2
Alpine A110 S (Mk II)119.4+0.1
Porsche 911 Carrera S119.3 mph
Polestar 1 119.1-0.2
Continental GT V8119.0-0.3
Audi TT RS Coupe119.0-0.3
Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI118.7-0.6
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