Ferrari 458 Italia 1/4 mile

Image of Ferrari 458 Italia

2009 Ferrari 458 Italia will complete 1/4 mile distance in 10.8 seconds.

Vehicle Ferrari 458 Italia
Power / weight 570 ps / 1513 kg
Time 10.85 s
Trap speed 216.0 kph (134.2 mph)
FL estimate 11.3 s @ 133.0 mph
Submitted 02.12.2010 by anonymous
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Porsche Taycan Turbo10.8-0.0
Ducati Panigale V410.8-0.0
Porsche 911 GT310.8-0.0
McLaren 540C10.8-0.0
Ferrari 458 Italia10.8 s
Audi R8 V10 Plus10.9+0.0
Bimota YB 4 750 EI10.9+0.0
Yamaha FJ 110010.9+0.0
Bimota SB510.9+0.0
Huracán Performante134.5+0.3
R8 V10 Performance134.5+0.2
McLaren MP4-12C134.4+0.2
McLaren GT134.3+0.1
Ferrari 458 Italia134.2 mph
Kawasaki ZX-9R134.1-0.1
Ford GT (Mk II)134.0-0.2
McLaren MP4-12C134.0-0.2
McLaren 570S133.9-0.3
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SpeedKing  2d ago

Where is the evidence? Oh it was submitted by "anonymous" so it must be real lol



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hostboy  2d ago

I have an account on ZePerfs and here are the 10-second timeslips logged according to the F458 page:
Automobilismo: 10.8 sec @ 213 km/h.
Auto: 10.9 sec @ 214 km/h.
Autmobile Magazine: 10.9 sec @ 215 km/h.
Sport Auto: 10.9 sec @ 216 km/h.
Road & Track: 10.9 sec @ 213 km/h.


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hostboy  2d ago

Which means the F458 is actually as fast, if not faster than, the Huracan, despite being produced in the Gallardo era. That's like the McLaren F1 being faster than the Enzo despite being in the same era as F40/F50.

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Lambolover  2d ago @hostboy

Lemme correct ya there
"Which means the F458 Press car is actually as fast as a Huracan"

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SpeedKing  2d ago @hostboy

Ha if they're the figures then it must be right :P It would then stand to reason that the 458 is neck and neck with the Huracan in a drag race yet in every video i've seen the 458 gets walked by multiple car lengths? Must be smoke and mirrors or was the press car tuned, surely not lol..