Porsche 911 GT3 lap time at Hockenheim GP

Image of Porsche 911 GT3

2021 Porsche 911 GT3 completed a flying lap of Hockenheim GP in 1 minute and 45.8 seconds.

Track Hockenheim GP
Type flying start
Vehicle Porsche 911 GT3 (992)
Power / weight 510 ps / 1455 kg
Driver Christian Gebhardt
Time 1:45.800
Peak speed 260 kph (162 mph)
Average speed 156 kph (97 mph)
Air temperature 8 C (46 F)
Track temperature 10 C (50 F)
Air pressure 1018 mbar
Notes Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires
Submitted 2 years ago by Hoppelmoppel123
Source Sport Auto magazine (Germany)
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Reference:   Image of source Sport Auto - 6/2021

Mercedes - AMG One1:38.56-7.2
McLaren Senna (P15)1:40.79-5.0
AMG GT Black Series1:43.30-2.5
McLaren 720S1:45.50-0.3
Porsche 911 GT31:45.80
Ferrari 488 Pista1:45.90+0.1
McLaren 765LT1:46.20+0.4
Aventador SVJ1:47.30+1.5
Porsche 911 GT31:47.30+1.5
BMW M8 Competition264+4.0
Huracán STO263+3.0
BMW M5 CS263+3.0
Porsche 911 Turbo 262+2.0
Porsche 911 GT3 (992)260 kph
AMG GT 63 S259-1.0
911 GT3 Touring258-2.0
BMW M8 Competition258-2.0
Streetfighter V4 S257-2.8
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dr. cosimo  2y ago

here is a closer look at the fake vents of the vw-911 cheating-3 lol


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Cocobe  2y ago

Several factors for why this laptime was so good. air temperature was definitely good. But tbh, largest factor was, track limits.
Turn 1, the Porsche definitely went much wider and the minimum speed 152kph. In comparison the Pista stayed within the limits and had a minimum speed of 132kph. Just the part between turn 1 and turn 2, the Porsche would have gained about 0.4s.

FIA rules did somewhat change, where the track limit is no longer the white lines, but as long as the inside wheel is still on the curb, it's considered legal. That alone would give newer lap times a huge advantage. But I'm sorry, that first corner is still definitely off track. Really should not have counted.

Elsewhere you see the car being driven to the edges of the track on every occasion, (which is what you should do). While the Pista took some corners with a more tightly and straightening out the steering wheel sooner, as oppose to taking a wider sweep approach.

This explains a lot of why the car was so "fast" on the track, at least compared to the other 700hp cars.

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Freakz  2y ago

911 GT3 (992) Hockenheim GP lap:


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Corvolet3  2y ago

And people call me crazy when I say Porsche is using modified press cars. The whole track consists of long straights and a minimum of turns, yet the car somehow manages to be faster than a significantly more powerful 488 Pista.

Even if you're a hardcore Porsche fanboy, at this point you should admit they're just cheating on tracks.

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V10  2y ago

Wow, better time in worse conditions than Pista