McLaren Senna (P15) lap time at Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours GP

Image of McLaren Senna (P15)

McLaren Senna (P15) finished a flying lap of Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours GP in 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Track Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours GP
Type flying start
Vehicle McLaren Senna (P15)
Power / weight 800 ps / 1364 kg
Time 1:42.990
Average speed 154 kph (96 mph)
Submitted 3 years ago by tyler
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Reference:   Image of source Motorsport - McLaren Senna : AWESOME RECORD at Magny-Cours GP

McLaren Senna (P15)1:42.99
Radical SR8 RX1:43.40+0.4
Ferrari 488 Pista1:44.90+1.9
McLaren 720S1:47.05+4.1
Porsche 911 GT2 RS1:47.16+4.2
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manone  3y ago

much cleaner lap than with 488 Pista. Different day, different conditions.
Motorsport is nowadays the reference when it comes to reliable laptimes.
Senna is probably about 1 sec per minute faster than Pista.
This just shows once more that ferrari has been leaving the track performance niche to other players. Ferrari's Senna is P80/C, and they deliberately decided to leave it as "one off" prototype, not to deceive anyone about their intentions.


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Tyrone1  3y ago

although i tend to agree, the Pista was on cup 2R tyres. If Ferrari was really leaving track performance to the competition, they would have sent it round with standard cup 2s. MAYBE trofeos.
Doesnt take anything away from the pistas time. Getting within 2 seconds of a Senna on any track is an achievement.

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tyler  3y ago @Tyrone1

The Pista is not the only car on this list ran with cup 2 R tyres.

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Tyrone1  3y ago @tyler

Oh i know this, but the others on Cup 2 R are the gt3rs and gt2rs. And i dont think there is a single manufacturer out there that cares more about laptimes and track performance than porsche does.
Would love to see what the Senna would do on Cup 2R aswell...

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saxy  3y ago @Tyrone1

for the GT3 rs models sure... they ARE track cars. Of course you should give them track tires. Their turbo S always just came with plain P zeros and let it be.

There was a member here that used to say his beloved Ferrari’s were better because they were much more power and faster. I pointed out, it’s only that Porsche didn’t make a 600+hp car but they easily could. Now they do, and the same person is now saying they wished Ferrari would do hardcore track cars because Porsche are taking up that void...

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manone  3y ago @Tyrone1

you do not make a track focused car taking a sportscar and fitting it with cup2r's. Mclaren decided to make Senna, they did not just take a 720s and put on trofeos (which they occasionally did btw).
Aston martins are not taking a superleggera version of they cars and putting on r tyres. They started a totally different project ground up .

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manone  3y ago @Tyrone1

cup2r and trofeos are more lor less equivalent

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manone  3y ago @saxy

That same person is wrong because Porsche isn't taking up any void. It's McLaren and Astons who are. Porsche always had to produce track cars for the road to compete with ever more compliant and comfortable Ferraris. Porsche 911 cars are faulty from the beginning, thus all other things being equal, they will always be inherently inferior. Porsche could play a role only if they will start an entirely new central-engine design. I always had the same idea of the persion you mention about the need for ferrari of making really track focused models, possibly along with more "ordinary" sportscars. Any other choice is a blatant and stunningly obvious marketing mistake from this brand.


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