BMW M5 Competition 1/4 mile

Image of BMW M5 Competition

According to "Automovil", 2018 BMW M5 Competition will finish 1/4 mile distance in 10.8 seconds.

Vehicle BMW M5 Competition (F90)
Power / weight 626 ps / 1901 kg
Time 10.82 s
FL estimate 11.3 s @ 129.2 mph
Air temperature 7 C (45 F)
Notes Pirelli P Zero tyres
Submitted 28.03.2020 by FastestLaps
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Reference:   Automovil - 4/2020 - Audi RS7 Sportback vs BMW M5 Competition vs Mercedes AMG GT 63 Sportback

Taycan Turbo S10.5-0.4
Tesla Model S P100D10.5-0.3
BMW M5 Competition10.8 s
AMG GT 63 S10.9+0.1
BMW M5 (F90)10.9+0.1
Tesla Model S P90D10.9+0.1
M8 Gran Coupe Compe..11.1+0.3
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FastestLaps  2m ago

This is spacetime bending fast.


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dr. cosimo  2m ago

until amg gets tested with trofeo r and you change your mind about this

hypocrite mode normal

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FastestLaps  2m ago @dr. cosimo

BS. AMG was tested on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. Those are GRIPPIER tyres than P Zero. So you are so tremendously wrong the likes of which the world has never seen.

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SpeedKing  2m ago

Ha you did notice that air temp was 7 degrees yes which means that the likely density altitude was well below sea level. Therefore it was producing even more power than the absolute bullshit BMW tells you it has. So looking at the facts it's actually possible to run that time. In warmer conditions with DA above sea level it can't run a 10.8...FACT!!!!!!!!!!

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FastestLaps  2m ago @SpeedKing

Cooler temps help, of course. All the fastest 0-100 times for M5 Comp were recorded in winter/spring. And slowest ones are from summer/autumn 2019.

Probably coincidence but there is some effect to that.

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SpeedKing  2m ago @FastestLaps

I speak from experience and i can guarantee you that the M5 Comp in those conditions is producing approx 700hp hence the 10.8 1/4 mile. Let's use the 720S as an example, in cool, below sea level air it has run 9.8 sec yet if the DA is 600 metres above sea level in 28 degree heat it struggles to run 10.2. What's more with wheelspin it only manages a 10.5 so weather conditions can play a big role in elapsed times...

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dr. cosimo  2m ago @FastestLaps

you are like a chameleon a shape shifter, one day you look like some random asian guy and the next day you're back to your commie looks with glasses and ss whiskey flask hidden in your jacket.

ffs, grow up, we're in 2020 not the 1960's acting as if your papers are in order