Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 1/4 mile

Image of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392

As published in "Motortrend", 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 will finish 1/4 mile distance in 12.1 seconds.

Vehicle Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 (facelift)
Power / weight 492 ps / 1955 kg
Time 12.10 s
Trap speed 185.1 kph (115.0 mph)
FL estimate 13.6 s @ 116.8 mph
Notes Scat pack 1320 package
Submitted 2 years ago by FastestLaps
Source Motortrend magazine (United States)
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Reference:   Image of source Motortrend - World's Greatest Drag Race 8

Corvette Stingray12.1-0.0
Mercedes - AMG A45 S12.1-0.0
Porsche 718 Cayman S12.1-0.0
BMW M3 Competition12.1-0.0
Challenger SRT-8 39212.1 s
BMW X6 M12.1-0.0
C63 AMG Coupe Perfo..12.1-0.0
Ferrari F5012.1-0.0
Ferrari F4012.1-0.0
Camaro SS 1LE Package115.2+0.2
Porsche 718 Spyder115.1+0.1
Ford Mustang GT115.1+0.1
Model 3 Performance115.1+0.1
Challenger SRT-8 392115.0 mph
Shelby GT500115.0-0.0
V12 Vanquish115.0-0.0
Porsche 911 Carrera115.0-0.0
Mercedes-Benz S 600115.0-0.0
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Hoppelmoppel123  3m ago

@fastestlaps please move this time to this car:

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hostboy  7m ago

I would delete this one if I were the admin. This time was done on drag radials. I suggest even better we make a separate page for the 1320 Drag Pack.

No front-engine RWD car, even on drag radials, is going to do the same exact ¼-mile time and trap speed results as an Audi C7 S6 or Porsche 991 Carrera outside of a dragstrip.