Koenigsegg One:1 lap time at Spa Francorchamps

Image of Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg One:1 completed a flying lap of Spa Francorchamps in 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

Track Spa Francorchamps
Type flying start
Vehicle Koenigsegg One:1
Power / weight 1359 ps / 1340 kg
Driver Robert Serwanski
Time 2:33.000
Average speed 165 kph (102 mph)
Submitted 10.06.2015 by anonymous
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Reference:   Hot laps at Spa Francorchamps 2015 https://youtu.be/tjoNth03nj8

McLaren P12:25.00-8.0
Radical SR3 RS2:25.00-8.0
Radical RXC V82:30.23-2.8
Koenigsegg One:12:32.14-0.9
Koenigsegg One:12:33.00
Porsche 911 GT3 RS2:33.90+0.9
McLaren 675LT2:38.00+5.0
McLaren P12:38.00+5.0
Porsche 918 Spyder2:39.00+6.0
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TH  6y ago

Chris Niarchos in the P1 is an accomplished GT2 race driver with one win, six podiums and a podium spot at LeMans. He was driving better and much more aggressively than Robert using all of the track in the process. Both of McLaren's test drivers were there with a 675LT and as luck would have it there was a "customer" P1 with a top class racing "customer" there as well.



Robert Serwanski in the One:1 is a MX5 driver.


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Myname  6y ago

  • Porsche 918 fast lap, with passenger (estimated by the driver to be two seconds faster without passenger):


  • One:1 fast lap, with detuned car (100 hp or more below full power) and with passenger (Robert estimated that, even with the passenger, he could approach a 2:30.00 time):


Now compare them and keep telling yourself that the One:1 is slow.
With 100% E85 or race fuel, Sutil behind the wheel and no passenger this thing could approach the time set by the SR3 on track tyres, and all of this with its "standard" Michelin Pilot Cup tyres.
I'd like to see it on Trofeo R driven by Sutil...

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Myname  6y ago

It wasn't Sutil behind the wheel, the car was detuned and there was a passenger as well on it.

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saxy  6y ago

dude... the track was relatively empty like qualifying conditions, and had a F1 driver behind the wheel. That's about as good as a time attack you get, unlike the P1 and 918 who were driven by amateurs for the first time also with a passenger on that track with heavy traffic and damp patches...

It's a decent mark, but it's not faster than the P1 and friends

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Myname  6y ago


As you can see, it's not even a time-attack lap, there was a guest inside the car, and the car itself was 100 hp or more below full power.
But yeah, the Koenigsegg One:1 can't corner and blablabla..

Go Koenigsegg! Bitchslap the fools!


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