Ferrari LaFerrari 1/4 mile

Image of Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari will complete 1/4 mile in 9.7 seconds.

Vehicle Ferrari LaFerrari
Power / weight 963 ps / 1584 kg
Time 9.70 s
Trap speed 240.0 kph (149.1 mph)
FL estimate 10.2 s @ 155.3 mph
Submitted 14.04.2015 by Thiago_Lins
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Rimac C_Two9.1-0.6
Ultima Evolution9.2-0.5
Bugatti Centodieci9.6-0.1
9ff GTronic 12009.6-0.1
Ferrari LaFerrari9.7 s
McLaren P19.8+0.1
9ff 911 Turbo S9.9+0.2
9ff GTronic 14009.9+0.2
McLaren 765LT9.9+0.2
McLaren P1152.2+3.1
9ff GT9-R150.4+1.2
McLaren 765LT149.7+0.6
Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron149.7+0.6
Ferrari LaFerrari149.1 mph
McLaren 720S148.2-0.9
Lotec Sirius147.9-1.2
McLaren Senna (P15)147.5-1.6
Pagani Huayra BC147.3-1.9
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KONGMENG  10m ago

Notice how the 720s is a 300k supercar that maages to keep up with all these hypercars.


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BR2+  10m ago

And? You put 100k in a Audi A4 n itll dust any production car. 720 is a great car, But not as Special as a LaFerrari or 918.

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SpeedKing  10m ago

The only way a stock McLaren 720S could trap 148 mph through the 1/4 mile would be in cold air where the Density Altitude was at least minus 1200 ft below sea level so in average weather ie. let's say 25 deg C or 75 deg F approx 1500 ft DA the trap speed would be more like 143 mph...true story :)