Vector W8 Twin Turbo 0 - 120 mph

As published in "Car & Driver", 1989 Vector W8 Twin Turbo accelerated from 0 to 120 miles per hour in 12.4 seconds.

Vehicle Vector W8 Twin Turbo
Power / weight 634 ps / 1589 kg
Time 12.40 s
Submitted 30.12.2017 by tyler
Reference Car & Driver - The Time We Tested a Vector W8 Highlights Why We Test Cars in the
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Corvette Z0611.5-0.9
Jaguar F-type R AWD11.6-0.8
Continental Supersp..11.8-0.6
Vector W8 Twin Turbo12.4 s
Corvette Grand Spo..12.8+0.4
Porsche 911 Turbo S12.9+0.5
Ferrari 288 GTO13.4+1.0
Corvette ZR-113.9+1.5
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