Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro laptime at Laguna Seca (post 1988)

Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro finished a flying lap of Laguna Seca (post 1988) in 1 minute and 40.75 seconds.

Track Laguna Seca (post 1988)
Type flying start
Vehicle Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro (Mk I)
Power / weight 420 ps / 1560 kg
Time 1:40.750
Average speed 129 kph (80 mph)
Submitted 12.08.2009 by motortrend
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Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI1:40.20-0.6
Nissan GT-R (R35)1:40.45-0.3
BMW M6 (F13)1:40.52-0.2
AM 310 Vanquish1:40.71-0.0
R8 4.2 FSI Quattro1:40.75
Corvette Z061:40.90+0.2
S 63 AMG 4Matic+ Co..1:41.00+0.3
Porsche Cayman S1:41.26+0.5
Porsche Cayman R1:41.64+0.9
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BumRush  11y ago

Yeah i was a lil dissapointed about the power when it came out, but thats what the V10 version is for:)but the V8 version is still one hell of a performer. but hey maybe in the near future theyl come out with a LeMans RS version, who knows.

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Anonymous  11y ago

I know what everybody will say, but screw the naturally aspirated shit, i just wish they would have turboed this baby. A statement car like this should have had at least a cool 500hp.

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BumRush  11y ago

Thats quite an impressive lap, i didnt think it would beat the ZO6.


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