Lamborghini Huracán STO lap time at Balocco

Image of Lamborghini Huracán STO

Lamborghini Huracán STO finished a lap of Balocco in 2 minutes and 36.6 seconds.

Track Balocco
Type flying start
Vehicle Lamborghini Huracán STO
Power / weight 640 ps / 1497 kg
Time 2:36.620
Average speed 134 kph (84 mph)
Submitted 16.12.2021 by fakekillerfour
Source magazine (Italy)
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Reference:   Image of source - Lamborghini Huracán STO

Huracán STO2:36.62
Huracán Performante2:38.07+1.5
Huracan LP 610-42:40.07+3.5
Porsche 918 Spyder2:40.17+3.6
Gallardo LP570-4 Sq..2:40.78+4.2
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Icy718   5m ago

This magazine is going crazy… I used to really like it, but the laptimes are sooo inconsistent. I don’t believe for a second that the Huracan STO is 6 seconds faster than a gt3… and that the gt3 is barely faster than a 458 Italia. Lately they’re clearly sandbagging Porsche (just like when the Turbo S cabrio did 2.46, which is slower than the previous generation Turbo S)


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Icy718  5m ago

Although it’s fair that for once it’s the Porsche that’s being sandbagged… usually the roles in German magazines are reversed, especially with Italian cars

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dr. cosimo  5m ago @Icy718

did you know that the gt3 performs like shit when it's not on its usual super-duper-semi-sticky-fat-sweaty and greasy tires the cup 2 r ? same case with gt2 rs, no magic or tricks, the media is good at playing with your mind and manipulating you and the usual fanboys across the globe and fastestlaps members aka the cheerleaders with pink michelin tampons that drool behind the screen :)

in auto test the gt3 was on pzero corsa and the sto on bs race tires, and the gt3 wasn't a factory car, that also explains why it sucked and you came up with the word sandbagging, big difference between factory car vs customer car, das auto sponsored by vw on pre-launch cars when releasing nurburgring lap times with fake unauthorized race seats and missing bits and pieces on pre-production car, that's not anywhere close to production car as one would expect on day of delivery, but most of you are still living in a bubble that do not wish for it to burst any time soon :)


sto vs gt3


0-60: 1,8 / 1,86
0-80: 2,35 / 2,5
0-100: 3,01 / 3,25
0-120: 3,79 / 4,16
0-140: 4,67 / 5,26
0-160: 5,77 / 6,57
0-180: 7,11 / 8,25


100-0: 32,8 m / 32,9 m
160-0: 79,4 m / 80,2 m

0-400: 10,59 s at 218,4 km/h - 11,04 s at 207,6 km/h

0-1000: 19,33 s at 269,9 km/h - 20,15 s at 259,9 km/h

weight: 1,492 kg / 1,441 kg