Mazda RX-7 laptime at Tsukuba

Mazda RX-7 finished a lap of Tsukuba in 1 minute and 8.96 seconds.

Track Tsukuba
Type flying start
Vehicle Mazda RX-7 (255 PS)
Power / weight 255 ps / 1281 kg
Time 1:08.960
Average speed 108 kph (67 mph)
Submitted 15.12.2013 by tyler
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Ferrari 512 TR1:08.68-0.3
Honda NSX (3.2)1:08.71-0.3
Cerbera Speed Six1:08.72-0.2
TVR Tuscan (Mk II)1:08.77-0.2
Mazda RX-7 (255 PS)1:08.96
Ferrari Testarossa1:09.00+0.0
Toyota Supra RZ1:09.00+0.0
Porsche 928 GTS1:09.00+0.0
DB7 Vantage1:09.00+0.0
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