Ferrari 488 GTB 0 - 200 kph

Image of Ferrari 488 GTB

According to "Quattroroute", Ferrari 488 GTB will accelerate from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 8.1 seconds.

Vehicle Ferrari 488 GTB
Power / weight 670 ps / 1546 kg
Time 8.10 s
Average result 8.59 s
Est. distance 262 m (860 ft)
Peak acceleration 1.00 g (10 m/s┬▓)
Submitted 27.04.2016 by fakekillerfour
Source Quattroroute magazine (Italy)
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Reference:   Image of source Quattroroute - 5/2016

McLaren 675LT8.0-0.1
Koenigsegg Agera8.0-0.1
Koenigsegg Agera8.0-0.1
Lotec C10008.1-0.0
Ferrari 488 GTB8.1 s
Ferrari 488 GTB8.1+0.0
McLaren 720S8.2+0.1
Ferrari F8 Tributo8.2+0.1
Kawasaki Z H28.2+0.1
Quattroroute 11/20168.1+0.0
Auto Bild Sportscars8.4+0.3
Sport Auto France8.5+0.4
Auto Motor und Sport8.9+0.8
Sport Auto8.9+0.8
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196ss  2y ago

Am I the only one who thinks that 9,5 sec is unnecessary here?


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OutCast10  2y ago

The only unnecesary thing here is Quattroroushit results

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Salem is feo  2y ago

Quattroroute is full of crap. 488 GTB can only trap 135 or 136mph and run a 10.6

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FastestLaps  4y ago

Rival lists in test pages and car page mouseover popups for acceleration times now show average times for the competition. Also there is a list view for acceleration time categories that have multiple results, comparing results from different sources.