Ferrari Enzo lap time at Bedford Autodrome West Circuit (2004 - 06/2008)

Image of Ferrari Enzo

2002 Ferrari Enzo completed a lap of Bedford Autodrome West Circuit (2004 - 06/2008) in 1 minute and 21.3 seconds.

Track Bedford Autodrome West Circuit (2004 - 06/2008)
Type flying start
Vehicle Ferrari Enzo
Power / weight 660 ps / 1446 kg
Time 1:21.300
Average speed 121 kph (75 mph)
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Reference:   Evo Magazine

Caterham R500 EVO1:19.62-1.7
Porsche Carrera GT1:19.70-1.6
Lotus 2-Eleven1:21.10-0.2
McLaren F11:21.20-0.1
Ferrari Enzo1:21.30
Nissan GT-R (R35)1:21.70+0.4
Gallardo Superlegge..1:21.80+0.5
911 Carrera S1:21.90+0.6
R8 4.2 FSI Quattro1:22.10+0.8
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Anonymous  15y ago

What a Tard!! your a bit confused my friend. the RT12 has 650bhp, th CTR3 has 700bhp and the RT12 does 225 and the CTR3 does 236, and Ruf's ARE NOT Porsche's. and you shouldnt be bad mouthing the Enzo, its an incredible car no doubt, (although i would take a RT12 over it, and you cant really compare a Tuned Porsche such as the GT9 to a stock Ferrari, and considering that there power is WAY off....

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Adam  15y ago

enzo schmenzo, porsche are waaaay better. the ruf rt 12 does 235mph and has an output of 700bhp. the 9ff GT9 does 254mph and has an output of 987 bhp (plus there's a new one coming out that has more than 1000 bhp)! beat that ferrari!