McLaren Senna (P15) lap time at Autocar Wet Handling Track

Image of McLaren Senna (P15)

McLaren Senna (P15) finished a lap of Autocar Wet Handling Track in 1 minute and 17.7 seconds.

Track Autocar Wet Handling Track
Type flying start
Vehicle McLaren Senna (P15)
Power / weight 800 ps / 1364 kg
Time 1:17.700
Submitted 4 years ago by fakekillerfour
Source Autocar magazine (United Kingdom)
Views 1.1k

Reference:   Image of source Autocar - Road Test McLaren Senna

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV1:16.90-0.8
McLaren 650 S Spider1:16.90-0.8
BMW M3 (E92)1:16.90-0.8
BMW M5 (F10)1:17.30-0.4
McLaren Senna (P15)1:17.70
Suzuki Swift 1.2 SZ41:17.90+0.2
Ferrari 488 Pista1:18.00+0.3
Bentley Flying Spur1:18.20+0.5
Porsche 911 Turbo S1:18.50+0.8
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saxy  4y ago

So only about 8 seconds slower than the 720s


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Tyrone1  4y ago

Well to be fair, Trofeo R tyres are beyond useless in the wet. Even the 4wd Huracan performante gets a 1.15 on the trofeos. I always like looking at these wet times though because its the best indicator of what kind of rubber the manufacturer is using. This just proves that the 720s really doesnt have special tyres at all. 1.09 in a RWD high powered turbo car is crazy.

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saxy  4y ago @Tyrone1

That’s why absolute laptimes aren’t all that matters. As a car to own, drive and enjoy on the road, it’s absolutely pointless to put trofeo R’s on it. They will never be warm enough from standard road driving and hence be much less grippy in the dry, and definitely less grippy in the wet. Ferrari have publically stated they don’t put super sticky tires on their cars because they “don’t want their customers to feel afraid that it rain on their way back driving home”

A car that has been left in the garage is a car that is not enjoyed.

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Tyrone1  4y ago @saxy

100 percent agree. These tyres are for setting hotlaps on race tracks. On the road they just arent worth it. Why dont people just give up the charade and do their hotlaps on full slicks and just add a disclaimer saying that it does not reflect real world performance. It would be far more honest, far faster. Thats what they do for motorcycle tests. They stick slicks on the bikes for comparisons usually. You would see who has actually the fastest car and not the grippiest tyre. cough cough amg Gtr * Corvette Zr1 * senna * Gt2rs *

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BR2+  4y ago @Tyrone1

If fhey did that, Then you peoe would be complaunung about aerodynamics, Then about weight, Then brakes, Then power etc Fastest is how everything works together, Not jus a tyre, you could put a grippier set on, But that doesnt mean itll be faster, Either way, People will find something to say something isnt fair, Every car shouldnt be the same.

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Tyrone1  4y ago @BR2+

No we wouldnt be complaining. Aero, weight, brakes etc... are actually part of the car and cannot be changed as tyres can. It would be a fair test period. It would end this pointless “tyre” race that manufacturers are taking part in. Just look at how poor the performance of these “hypercars” are in the wet. Its ridiculous. I know every car shouldnt be the same, but lets call a spade a spade allright? Trofeos and Cup 2 Rs are track only tyres and anyone who thinks they would be a good road tyre is bemused. Cut out the middle man, give slick tyres for hotlap tests.

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BR2+  4y ago @Tyrone1

Only problem is fair is everything equal, And no 2 cars are anyway you look at it , There are cars that are extremely similiar, But none truly equal, And its not really a tyre race, If that was it any company could 0ut a pair of V710s on there car and smoke almost anybody, Its simply tyre development with more special or track focused cars, And high powered track cars should have tyres like this.
These cars, Hell all high performance cars hyper or not are all meant to do there best on a warm dry track, Not too many people are doing track days in the wet, Some spots dont even allow it.

Cup 2s and Trofeos are 'Meant' for the track, They arent track only tyres, Same with every competition spec R compound tyre.

And given my experience, Which i have been driving an M Spec Nur for the past 16 years, Which wears wide Yokohama Advan A048 tyres front and rear, For a good number of years, They have been just fine for normal road use, And im in the UK which rains 428 days of the year, And in the snow, All round daily driver, No problems, Ive even had a pair of R888s for a week, same result. The negative stuff is mainly down to the driver fault.

And people would still complain, If its not the tyres its the weight, Or the power, or the aero, How many times have we all herd that if this car didnt have xxxx it would be faster/slower, Take away the tyre aspect and the other excuses would multiply exponentially. And given them all slicks would be pointless, Specially with cars with bespoke tyres since those cars were designed with the tyre n vice versa, Might be faster but the cars balance may be off and might be slower, Same with alot if the stuff.