Audi RS7 Sportback lap time at Hockenheim Short

Image of Audi RS7 Sportback

Audi RS7 Sportback finished a lap of Hockenheim Short in 1 minute and 13.4 seconds.

Track Hockenheim Short
Type flying start
Vehicle Audi RS7 Sportback
Power / weight 560 ps / 1957 kg
Driver Christian Gebhardt
Time 1:13.400
Average speed 129 kph (80 mph)
Submitted 10 years ago by auditwaht
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Reference:   12/2013

Lotus Exige S RGB1:13.30-0.1
R300 Superlight1:13.30-0.1
R8 4.2 FSI Quattro1:13.40-0.0
Cadillac ATS-V Coupe1:13.40-0.0
Audi RS7 Sportback1:13.40
McLaren Mercedes SLR1:13.50+0.1
BMW M3 CSL (E46)1:13.50+0.1
Porsche 718 Boxster1:13.50+0.1
E 63 AMG S1:13.50+0.1
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BR2+  10y ago

That CSL S Estate is one ugly car.

I always thought the 1st Gen CLS had MUCH better curves then any before, Sadly they lost them:(

Id glady take the RS^ over that HANDS DOWN.

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driver  10y ago

Faster than CLS AMG S model thats good!

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Fangio Man  10y ago

Never? OK, thanks.

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DeDe  10y ago

@Fangio Man
Sport Auto never tests on wet track. :)

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Fangio Man  10y ago

Was it a wet/damp lap?

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Jeff  10y ago

Wow, somebody beat an SLR and an M3 CSL in Hockenheim Short? That's crazy!!!

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benzsl  10y ago

From sportauto comparison test:
RS7(1:13,4) ,Panemera turbo(520ps,though much slower than other three in straight line, but still mucn more quicker at Hockenheim),M6 gran coupe and ClS AMG S(both did 1:13,6).

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Frankie G  10y ago

Which group test is this?

Does anyone have performance stats for RS7 vs M6GC twin test in latest issue of EVO (UK) magazine?

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ooo  10y ago

Only group test for now, more tests comes in Hocke.

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BR2+  10y ago

...Kinda disappointing.


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Bugatti4Life the real one 3h 


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Hoppelmoppel123 4h 

added data for Aston Martin Vantage (Mk II)

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Hoppelmoppel123 6h 

added laptime for Audi TT RS Coupe (Mk III), data for Audi TT RS Coupe (Mk III), laptime for Porsche 718 Cayman S and data for Porsche 718 Cayman S