Ford Mustang Mach 1 lap time at Balocco

Image of Ford Mustang Mach 1

Ford Mustang Mach 1 completed a lap of Balocco in 2 minutes and 54.9 seconds.

Track Balocco
Type flying start
Vehicle Ford Mustang Mach 1 (MKIV Facelift)
Power / weight 487 ps / 1751 kg
Time 2:54.880
Peak speed 181 kph (113 mph)
Average speed 120 kph (75 mph)
Submitted 8 months ago by Hoppelmoppel123
Source magazine (Italy)
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Reference:   Image of source - 8/2021

911 Carrera S2:54.30-0.6
911 Carrera 42:54.40-0.5
Alfa Romeo 4C2:54.43-0.5
GranTurismo S2:54.70-0.2
Ford Mustang Mach 12:54.88
V12 Vantage2:55.00+0.1
Porsche Cayman S2:55.04+0.2
Porsche Cayman GTS2:55.08+0.2
Porsche Cayman S2:55.09+0.2
Audi S3 Sportback (8Y)183+2.2
Porsche Cayenne GTS183+2.1
Porsche Macan GTS183+1.8
Formentor VZ 2.0 TSI182+1.2
Ford Mustang Mach 1181 kph
John Cooper Works GP181-0.0
Audi S6 Avant TDI (C8)177-3.8
Toyota GR Yaris177-4.1
i30 N Performance Fas..177-4.3
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Corvolet3  8m ago

Man, this time is horrible. I know Mustangs aren't that great on the track, but that's just abysmal...


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DodgeHEMI426  8m ago

There are great Mustangs for the track it just always seems like Ford doesn't want to bring the right packages to Europe (Handling Package in this case). Additionally it also seems like many European magazine testers struggle with cars that - for the lack of a better term - need to be manhandled (RWD, manual trans cars with lots of power and not always that much traction).

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Corvolet3  8m ago @DodgeHEMI426

Exactly my point. Remember when sport auto tested the GT500 and it's slower than an M8 Competition? I remember Randy Pobst was just as fast as a GT3 RS on similar tires.
I probably put my sentence wrong. Cause Camaros tend to gap Mustangs on the track.

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DodgeHEMI426  8m ago @Corvolet3

The big difference was that Randy Pobsts GT500 had the CFTP-package with radical aero and semi slick-tires while the Sport Auto-GT500 was a base model - it's sadly always the case that Mustangs in Europe lack the sporty packages that are always a given in US-tests.

I do agree though, in general Camaros are faster than Mustangs if the power output is comparable (exception: Shelby GT350 R).