Shelby Cobra 289 S/C lap time at Lime Rock Park

Image of Shelby Cobra 289 S/C

1964 Shelby Cobra 289 S/C completed a lap of Lime Rock Park in 1 minute and 7 seconds.

Track Lime Rock Park
Type flying start
Vehicle Shelby Cobra 289 S/C
Power / weight 275 ps / 1007 kg
Driver Sam Posey
Time 1:06.950
Average speed 130 kph (81 mph)
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Reference:   Car And Driver February 1970

Porsche Boxster S1:02.33-4.6
M3 Competition Pack..1:03.00-4.0
Jaguar F-Type V6 S1:04.49-2.5
BMW M3 (E90)1:06.55-0.4
Shelby Cobra 289 S/C1:06.95
Chevelle SS 4541:08.00+1.1
Firebird Trans Am 6..1:11.90+5.0
Mustang BOSS 3021:12.35+5.4
Kawasaki KZ10001:12.50+5.6
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Viking  9y ago

The track hasn't changed. However sports cars have gotten much bigger, and heavier. It seems to me that the somewhat overweight Jaguar would probably lose to the lightweight Cobra if they were both on the same tires. Sure there are a lot of new modern features on the Jag, but truthfully physics can't easily be denied on a track, and power to weight ratios do have an impact. In other words, I am not really surprised that the Cobra is only 2 and a half seconds slower at Lime Rock.

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CoolShirtGummy  9y ago

Yeah, far as expected. Haha

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Mental  9y ago

I can't really believe a 1964 270-hp muscle car is only 2.5 seconds slower than the brand new 380-hp sportcoupe with all the modern equipment and tyres. That's definitely impossible.

Maybe the track layout in 1970 was shorter than it is currently?

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Super8  9y ago

Shelby Cobra