Toyota Supra 1/4 mile

Image of Toyota Supra

According to "Motorsport", 2019 Toyota Supra will finish 1/4 mile distance in 13.0 seconds.

Vehicle Toyota Supra (Mk V)
Power / weight 340 ps / 1519 kg
Time 13.00 s
Trap speed 179.0 kph (111.2 mph)
FL estimate 12.9 s @ 113.7 mph
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Reference:   Image of source ?> Motorsport - August 2019 / September 2019 - "Kill Bill" - Toyota Supra vs BMW M2 Competition vs Ford Mustang

911 Carrera 4S12.9-0.1
BMW 650i12.9-0.1
BMW M3 CSL (E46)13.0-0.0
Skyline GT-R V-Spec..13.0-0.0
Toyota Supra (Mk V)13.0 s
Ferrari F35513.0+0.0
BMW M235i13.0+0.0
Audi TT-S Coupe13.0+0.0
Porsche 718 Cayman13.1+0.1
Corvette C5 Z06111.8+0.6
Coupe GranSport111.8+0.6
Road Runner 440 Magnum111.8+0.6
Lotus Esprit V8111.8+0.6
Toyota Supra (Mk V)111.2 mph
Lotus Evora GT111.0-0.2
BMW M240i xDrive110.6-0.6
Coupe Cambiocorsa110.6-0.6
911 Carrera RS 3.8110.6-0.6
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