Radical SR3 SL 0 - 60 mph

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Radical SR3 SL accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.0 seconds.

Vehicle Radical SR3 SL
Power / weight 304 ps / -
Time 3.00 s
Submitted 05.12.2011 by anonymous
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Radical SR32.8-0.2
BAC MONO2.8-0.2
Ariel Atom Mugen2.9-0.1
Lotus 3-Eleven Race3.0-0.1
Radical SR3 SL3.0 s
Ariel Atom 43.0+0.0
Ultima Can-am3.1+0.1
Radical SR3 RS3.1+0.1
R500 1.8L K Series3.2+0.2
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