Mazda 3 MPS lap time at Top Gear Track

Image of Mazda 3 MPS

Mazda 3 MPS finished a lap of Top Gear Track in 1 minute and 32 seconds.

Track Top Gear Track
Type standing start
Vehicle Mazda 3 MPS
Power / weight 260 ps / 1450 kg
Driver The Stig
Time 1:32.000
Average speed 110 kph (69 mph)
Submitted 15 years ago by topgear
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BMW M3 (E46)1:31.80-0.2
Nissan 350Z (287 PS)1:31.80-0.2
Mazda RX-81:31.80-0.2
BMW 130i1:31.90-0.1
Mazda 3 MPS1:32.00
S63 AMG1:32.10+0.1
Ford Focus RS1:32.20+0.2
Mazda 6 MPS1:32.20+0.2
Octavia RS Combi1:32.30+0.3
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Zenmen  13y ago

Yeah the Mazdaspeed3 is a lot quicker and better performing overall vs. many \"sports cars\" costing $$$ more.

Torque steer isn\'t an issue unless you\'re an idiot and drive with just one hand on the wheel. Plus there\'s this thing called: Throttle modulation which works wonders!

Its lap time on the top gear track isn\'t all that great because EURO\'s don\'t like the car due to \"too much\" torque steer (ref: both hands on steering wheel / throttle modulation) they say.

Plus the roads in much of Europe suck; especially the UK and the MS3’s track ready suspension set up is too harsh for their liking so they give it poor ratings.

If you look at most of the other lap times the Mazdaspeed3 or 3MPS is quicker than many of the cars which posted quicker times on the top gear track.

You also got to consider the track; the obvious European bias / driver; the conditions and so on.

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Mr T  13y ago

People ask me if its a lexus or a toyota? its an mazda 3 mps & its awesome, it torque steer\'s all over the place, its insane, if you can drive & have a really heavy right foot as i do, trust me if can control the beast its definitely worth it! Ok its not perfect & not for everyone, but i bully my cars i.e drive with lots of aggression & she responds perfectly everytime. Love a car with a bit of insanity!

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Georg  13y ago


can´t you read?

TopGear track
Renault Megane R26.R 1:28.1min
Ford Focus RS 1:29.3min
VW R32 1:30.4min
Renault Megane F1 1:30.6min
Audi TT (200hpFWD) 1:31.4min
BMW 130i 1:31.9min
Opel Astra OPC 1:32.0min

3MPS 1:32.0min

thats slower than most other not faster.... 3MPS is torque steer madness with cheap boring looking interior...the reason why no one buys it in Europe

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cinoeye  13y ago

I also jave no idea why europeans generaly do not favour mps3. Not just it is faster thank Gti and R32, focus 3RS, type R...on top gear real life has more torque. just look at the roll drag times and its so much fun and its cheaper than other contenders in the class!!!

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david  14y ago

Very good time! It puts this car on par with other cars costing thousands more! Still don't understand why Top Gear does not like it...


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