BMW 2002 lap time at Hockenheim Short

Image of BMW 2002

1968 BMW 2002 completed a flying lap of Hockenheim Short in 1 minute and 33.7 seconds.

Track Hockenheim Short
Type flying start
Vehicle BMW 2002 (02 serie)
Power / weight 100 ps / 995 kg
Time 1:33.700
Average speed 101 kph (63 mph)
Notes Michelin ZX tires
Submitted 26.02.2021 by Hoppelmoppel123
Source Auto Motor und Sport magazine (Germany)
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Reference:   Image of source Auto Motor und Sport - 10/1970

Mercedes-Benz A 1901:30.40-3.3
Renault Twingo GT1:30.60-3.1
Toyota Celica 2.0 GT1:30.70-3.0
VW Golf 1.9 TDI1:31.70-2.0
BMW 2002 (02 serie)1:33.70
Ford Mustang1:34.20+0.5
Porsche Carrera 3.21:34.38+0.7
Alfetta GTV61:34.45+0.8
190E 2.3 161:35.04+1.3
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196ss  10m ago

Kinda surprised that this fun little car managed to get ahead of 270 hp Mustang.
And a bit later turbo version of it was the whole 7 seconds faster. Amazing...


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DodgeHEMI426  10m ago

Has to be noted though that the 2002 was tested when it was a brand new car, the Mustang was tested together with a 2016 Mustang GT when it was already an oldie. Might lead to different results (car condition might not be perfect and it might have been subjected to less abuse due to its age).

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196ss  10m ago @DodgeHEMI426

Actually, that's very true. Judging by the video, it doesn't look like they're squeezing everything out of a 60s vintage Mustang.
It is also worth mentioning that for the 2002 lap non-stock Michelin radial tires were used.
But still, it's pretty surprising that they were in one league in laptimes, despite the huge power advantage that Mustang had on the straights.
On the other hand, of course, in 1970, Mustang GT was already available with disc brakes on all wheels and improved handling. This one would certainly be much faster.

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DodgeHEMI426  10m ago @196ss

Definitely, the 2002 was pretty fast for its day.
Like you said, a sporty version of the 1970 Mustang would probably also have killed the 2002 Turbo, at least if you took a Boss 302 or even Boss 429. How fair a comparison like this would be is another debate though.