AC Cobra 427 laptime at Haute Saintonge

Image of AC Cobra 427

AC Cobra 427 finished a lap of Haute Saintonge in 1 minute and 4.5 seconds.

Track Haute Saintonge
Type flying start
Vehicle AC Cobra 427
Power / weight 416 ps / 1147 kg
Time 1:04.546
Average speed 123 kph (76 mph)
Submitted 11.11.2010 by tf1automoto
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Reference:   automoto

Audi RS5 (8T3)1:04.07-0.5
BMW M3 (E92)1:04.30-0.2
Audi TT RS Coupe1:04.32-0.2
Porsche Cayman S1:04.43-0.1
AC Cobra 4271:04.55
Continental Supersp..1:05.68+1.1
Nissan 370Z1:05.91+1.4
C 63 AMG1:06.19+1.6
Ford Focus RS1:06.26+1.7
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F355  10y ago

Typical regression for lap time over the years (due to evolution of tires, suspension, brakes, gearbox, electronic controls, etc) and the regression for power and weight would suggest a lap time around 1\'07 or 1\'08 for the Cobra 427 - with tires as built in 1966.

2010 tires of the same dimension bring say 2 to 3%, so we could expect about 1\'05 to 1\'07 for this test - obviously with a lot of uncertainty.

Now the engine could possibly deliver something >450 hp, meaning 1\'04 to 1\'06.

The 1\'04.5 are therefore strong but not unrealistic with new tires and a well prepared engine.

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anon  10y ago

What do you mean how is this possible?

Its a light car with 400 horses. A legend that is still fast 40 years later.

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annoyingimus  10y ago

How is this possible?