McLaren Senna (P15) lap time at Spa Francorchamps

Image of McLaren Senna (P15)

2018 McLaren Senna (P15) completed a flying lap of Spa Francorchamps in 2 minutes and 24.8 seconds.

Track Spa Francorchamps
Type flying start
Vehicle McLaren Senna (P15)
Power / weight 800 ps / 1364 kg
Time 2:24.820
Average speed 174 kph (108 mph)
Submitted 05.06.2019 by tyler
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Reference:   McLaren Senna LAP RECORD at Spa-Francorchamps! 2:24.82 by Duncan Tappy

Rebellion R-One AER2:01.20-23.6
Dallara P2172:01.36-23.5
Porsche RS Spyder2:05.84-19.0
Huayra BC Roadster2:23.08-1.7
McLaren Senna (P15)2:24.82
McLaren P12:25.00+0.2
Radical RXC V82:30.23+5.4
Koenigsegg One:12:32.14+7.3
Porsche 911 GT3 RS2:33.90+9.1
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Cocobe  1y ago

Gosh, when this thing is hooked up, it’s fast as hell. Imagine the Senna GTR!

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lafars  2y ago

do we have all of Duncan Tappy's laptimes here? or are we missing some?

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SpeedKing  2y ago

The Senna is a weapon but what's with the McLaren P1 lap time of 2:25 at Spa?


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Freakz  2y ago

That is an estimate I believe, not a legit lap time.

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SpeedKing  2y ago @Freakz

Yeah that makes sense coz there's no way a P1 would be that fast at Spa.

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saxy  2y ago

7.3s faster than the One:1. 30kph faster through Eu Rouge. Damn. This thing is ugly but it's bad ass on track.
Last GT3 pole was 2:19.1
GTE was 2:12.9

Had the Senna been on slicks, it could have beaten the GT3 pole lap. However, I'm not sure if the car CAN'T use slicks, or that Mclaren warranty won't allow it. They say the suspension wasn't designed to deal with the increased G-forces. Makes sense tho, since race cars are built with much more durability in mind.

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hater  2y ago

koenigsegg fans are screwed