VW Golf R 0 - 200 kph

Image of VW Golf R

According to "Autozeitung", 2020 VW Golf R accelerated from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 16.1 seconds.

Vehicle VW Golf R (Mk VIII)
Power / weight 320 ps / 1527 kg
Time 16.10 s
Average 16.74 s
Best result 15.90 s
Est. distance 555 m (1821 ft)
Peak acceleration 0.68 g (7 m/s²)
Submitted 01.09.2021 by Hoppelmoppel123
Source Autozeitung magazine (Germany)
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Reference:   Image of source Autozeitung - 19/2021

911 Carrera 4S16.0-0.1
911 Carrera S16.0-0.1
BMW M2 (F87)16.0-0.1
Porsche Taycan RWD16.0-0.1
VW Golf R (Mk VIII)16.1 s
Lotus Evora S16.1-0.0
Mercedes-Benz S 60016.1-0.0
Porsche 911 GT316.1-0.0
Coupe GranSport16.1-0.0
NEW! Golf 8 R (320hp)15.9-0.2
Daniel Abt Drag Races15.9-0.2
Auto Bild16.3+0.2
Autozeitung 25/202116.3+0.2
Auto Bild Sportscars16.4+0.3
Auto Bild Sportscars 11/202117.0+0.9
Auto Motor und Sport17.4+1.3
Sport Auto18.7+2.6
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Cocobe  5m ago

funny how the sport auto test was 2.6s slower. I thought they always cheated with VW cars


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Hoppelmoppel123  5m ago

They had different tires as the rest of them

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Corvolet3  5m ago

Holy shit this car is fast.