Ferrari 488 Pista laptime at NCM Motorsport Park

Ferrari 488 Pista finished a lap of NCM Motorsport Park in 1 minute and 27.39 seconds.

Track NCM Motorsport Park
Type flying start
Vehicle Ferrari 488 Pista
Power / weight 720 ps / 1466 kg
Time 1:27.390
Average speed 133 kph (82 mph)
Submitted 20.11.2018 by fakekillerfour
Reference Road & Track - 2019 Performance Car of the Year
Views 2.4k
McLaren Senna (P15)1:23.34-4.1
Porsche 911 GT2 RS1:24.22-3.2
Corvette ZR11:25.93-1.5
Ferrari 488 Pista1:27.39
AMG GT R1:28.25+0.9
Huracán Performante1:29.70+2.3
McLaren 720S1:29.92+2.5
Porsche 911 Turbo S1:32.07+4.7
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manone  10m ago

loll. There are 2 possibilities: 1. they time lap times in different days and different conditions; THEN there might be a remote chance they did not sandbag the 488 pista. 2. they tested the same day in the same conditions, THEN this proves they pathetically sandbagged 488 pista.

Your ridicolous claim "they say they were fair, so they were fair" is totally independent of the lap times they got. Had they posted 1.27min, 1.45 or 3 minutes with 488 pista, your claim would still hold, since the magazine editors say there were fair.

It comes to mind the fair f12 laptime at laguna seca by Pobst, or the fair scuderia vs zr1 sportauto's test, with a corvette cr6-gt1 driver, when they tried to do 11 laps with the zr1 and only 6 with scuderia...

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BR2+  10m ago

Good lord you FBs are stupid. Today i just got an Email from Travis Okulski, R&T Digital Editor, And this is what he had to say...

"The laptimes were all taken during the final week of September at NCM.

As you guessed, those sheets are just for acceleration and braking, not the laptimes. Some cars we can drive multiple times in a year, like a GT2 RS, while others like the Pista and Senna are only available for testing during PCOTY. Our testing team handled the numbers for every car, they’ve been doing this for years and apply the exact same methods and correction to every car tested to ensure the data is comparable across all cars we test.

Laptimes for all the cars were set early afternoon on September 26th by IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand

The winner of PCOTY isn’t based on testing numbers, laptimes, or price. They can be a factor sometimes, but the winner is the car that resonates most with us, that has that something extra special. The car we all liked the best, The car we all wanted to drive the most, The Pista is an amazing car, don’t get me wrong, but we all didn't feel that it was the same step the 458 Speciale took over the 458.

All that said, I doubt any of this will change someone’s mind on a forum!"

THAT is the email i just got from him, So there you have it, SAME DAY, SAME DRIVER, SAME MAGAZINE, SAME TESTING METHOD, You dont believe me contact R&T with customer service yourself, Out.

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Fang Dong Hong  10m ago

Someone just got burned badly with his last paragraph


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meatbag  10m ago

I just love watching ferrari f u c k tards crying like little fags ????

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meatbag  10m ago

LOOOOL butthurt ferrari gayboys everywhere.Typical italian steaming pile of shit hahaha.Just deal with it ****tards.

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manone  11m ago

like clowns they decided to slide the Pista around, Harris' style, instead of committing to a fast laptime. nobody has ever raised questions on Pista's traction ability. Let them have fun with their toy.

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saxy  11m ago

Why is there such a gap in lap times between the Pista- 720s vs the gt2rs?